24" Muni Tire

My friend has a Torker DX and needs a new tire. Can’t find Jamey and UDC has nothing. Where and what are you guys buying?

One tire not on the thread linked above is the Felt Berm Master 24x3:


I’m currently rocking a 2.5" Hookworm but switching to a 2.4" Holy Roller. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Give Darren Bedford a call - he’s probably got something good:

That tire looks great, but is proving difficult to find for sale.

Where did you get yours?

I found mine at my local bike shop. They are a Felt dealer, and they had it in stock. The price is $30. The price at the shop was the same as on the Felt website. If you have a Felt dealer near you I’m sure they can get the tire if they don’t already have it.

They’re located in Irvine, CA at:

Felt Racing Llc
12 Chrysler
Irvine, CA 92618
B 452-9050

If/when I use up my stock of Intense 24x3’s, I’ll probably buy one…or two! :slight_smile:

It’s definitely not a replacement for the Intense. It is very good off road, and great on pavement. The Intense is better for a dedicated off road tire, and in my experience not very good on the road. The Felt tire is perfect for someone riding off/on road.

Found him.

I don’t think he has any tires for sale…:wink: