24" Muni Tire

I have a Torker AX 24 that I am starting to use for muni riding. Don’t worry I’m not good enough to break it yet. It came with a K Rad 1.95" which to me feels like a need more volume to suck up some smaller impacts a bit. In my not too experienced mind I’d think a 2.3-2.5 small knobby tire would be the ideal (feel free to tell me I am an idiot). I don’t think the AX 24 has quite enough clearance for the 24x3’s a lot of people use, but it might.

Looking around at tires I see true downhill tires like a 2.5 Nevegal and a few other similar tires. Panaracer has a Fire FR 24 which like the DH tires seem very knobby and heavy. Almost everything else I see are BMX cruiser tires that are about 2.1" width. Today I came across Schwalbe Racing Ralph 24 x 2.40. This tire is expensive but has a great reputation as a 29er mountain bike tire. It looks like it may be hard to find, but has anyone used this or have any opinion on how it may be for muni riding?

You could try a Kenda Kinetics 2.6 but I dont know if the Torker AX has enough clearence for it. I never used or seen a Torker AX so I can’t really answer to your clearence question. If you like Muni, you should get a Nimbus 24" before you break you AX, you could use your AX to cruise around your town.

Some general advice on tire widths:

  • Don't trust the widths listed with tire names or specs. Sometimes they're a little off, sometimes amazingly far off, and much less commonly they are exactly right. What you need is the actual width measurement of the widest part of the tire when inflated, which is hard to get without having an inflated tire to measure. Add to that, the rim size that the tire is mounted on can be a factor. If that rim is narrower than yours, the tire may go wider. If it's equal or greater, you should be safe. If it's not specified, it's probably an average size that the tire in question is intended for.
  • Once you've got that, and the width of your frame where the wide part of that tire will come through, I wouldn't go closer than 1/4" total. That's 1/8" on each side, which is still too close for mud but will be okay most of the time.
  • If you know you're going to end up in lots of mud, I'd recommend at least 1/2" total gap.

On the Kenda USA site they have some tires on sale really cheap. I have no idea if they will fit your frame, but the have the Kinetics for $11, and the Blue Groove for $15.

What is the gap between the legs on your frame?

Wow those are some cheap tires.

3" even between the legs, but it looks like clearance at the fattest part of the tire may only be about 2.75 because of the round shape. Those Kendas on clearance are both Stick-E Casing with big knobs, would those that a bit squirmy if I am on smoother terrain do you think?