24" MUni rim

I have an Onza witht he stock rim, and I am in need of something a bit wider. The problem is that right now I can’t spend too much. I was hoping that maybe someone might be willing to part with a wider rim that still has some useful life in it. An older or heavier rim would be fine it just needs to be able to run with low pressrue w/o folding as much.

My tire is mounted right now so I don’t know the inside width, but the outside width is about 32mm.

I really only need the rim, and maybe spokes, but I plan on using the same hub.



I dont have a rim for you but it would be good to know how many spokes holes do you want in your rim… I could be really helpful:p

I suppose I assumed 36 was pretty standard. You’re right that I shouldn’t assume anything. So, for anyone who has an old rim that may need a bit of straightening, or not, I would be happy to discuss a 36 hole rim you have sitting around.

You are in luck!

I have a barely used 24" x 42mm double wall muni rim. This is the old KH rim, now used by UDC on their Nimbus Muni.

The biggest hassle is boxing and shipping this beauty. I don’t want much, it just needs a new home since I won’t ever use it.

Send me a PM with your plan, i.e. where it’s going, etc…

You may be able to use the spokes and nipples from your old rim, so hold onto them. New spokes are $$!