24 MUni or a 19 with 110 cranks?

I just read ntappin’s great review on short cranked unis and wondered if using a 19" Devil with 110mm cranks would work good as a MUni. He said that a 19 with 110s can outrun a 24 with 165s like most people have. I know that 19s are more manuverable, but I’ve also heard that 24s and 26ers roll over things better. Also, is the difference between 125mm and 110 cranks extremely noticable? If not, then I’d probably just do MUni on my DX 19.
Ntappin reviewed a 26 with 137s. that might be a little extreme for technical stuff, but how would 125s or 137s on a KH 24 be?
Please don’t flame me. This may be a stupid question, but I like to look at every alternative before I buy something.

I put 125’s on my dx 24 and for road rides it’s great but as soon as I even touch the grass it gets so much harder. As for the 19’’ with short cranks, I would just get a muni. save your legs the work and get a real muni.

My legs don’t get tired very easily. I can crank hard for a pretty long time.

i have a 19 with 127s and a 26X3 MUni with 170s. i relize that 26 is not 24 but whatever. i find the 26 to be much faster and rolls beautifully over stuff that would otherwise leave me running and wondering why the uni was no-longer under me. as for climbing moderate grades i find them both to be simmilar. i dont do to much stuff thats real hard core yet but i thought i would share my experience. for MUni i would definately go with a 24 or 26

and i get tired a lot faster on the 19

Yeah, if you are gonna get a muni, get a 24" or 26". There’s a reason everyone does that as their first choice (unless it’s more XC riding, then get a 29er).

I did a muni ride on a trials with 125’s before and the people with 24" munis definitely had an advantage over me.

A trials uni with 110s feels like walking with your shoe laces tied together.

I definately would go with a 24". Thats what I have and it works great, I have 170s though, which are pretty long. If you like the short cranks idea go with 150s, a lot of people like that, though I havn’t ridden it too much. A trials uni with short cranks would be a really bumpy ride, and wouln’t roll over stuff so easilly. If you want speen, go for the bigger wheel.

I thought I should pop in here since you referred to my stuff. I’m glad to hear you liked my review/article thing.

If you are wanting to use this for mostly muni then I would recommend the 24 with 137’s or 140’s somewhere around there will be great. It will be challenging at first but once you get used to it, it will be an extremely pleasurable beast.

If you want a trials that can also compete with muni machines then the 19" with 110’s is great. The problem with this is that it isn’t really that great for trials and for street it performs very differently than other things. Really it becomes a truly unique ride that nothing else can compare to.

Also comparing the 24 with short cranks to the trials with short cranks is very hard. Yes they both have short cranks and yes you will lose a bit of control, kind of, but they still have very different uses and styles of riding. When you are riding the 110 beast in muni, you will be doing alot of rolling hops, at the wrong pedal timing (so without them being aligned), it makes muni almost like street riding, but you have to make sure you are riding in dry areas otherwise you will get bogged down and probably hate it.

For the larger wheel with short cranks, you are going to want to avoid jumping as much as you will lose alot of your momentum when you do. The idea is to pick up speed and momentum on flats then use the momentum to get you through whatever comes next. When you stop or slowdown it will be very difficult to speed up again, but once you find a good speed for the terrain, keeping it up will be a bit easier and it will probably be faster.

If you have any more questions feel free to post them here or send me a pm.

I don’t know what crank sizes they were using but check out the video Vasipaulette on http://monomaniaque.free.fr/videosmono/i_muni.htm

Just so I don’t have to make a new thread…

I’ve been thinking. I really don’t need a MUni because I have an awesome mountain bike. So, I’ve started thinking about getting a coker :roll_eyes: .
I was wondering if anyone has any pointers on what to look for, how essential/useful a T7 is for longer rides, etc. I don’t really have a budget since I haven’t bought anything expensive in a while.
The KH 29er looks like a good alternative to a coker, but sometimes I like to go 15mph. It’s kinda hard to keep going that fast on my bike (If you see It, You’ll figure out why). Could a KH 29er go that fast? The shortest moment cranks you can get are, like, 125s so would I have to get a different uni and put even shorter cranks on it to go that fast?
I don’t like the idea of spending 50+ bucks on ONE tire and the 29ers will take standard 700c road tires (which can be had for $15) so what do you guys reccomend?
Thanks in advance for the help!

My advice…
coker w/ T7>Everything… ever


which coker do you suggest?

The new Nimbus and a T7 with 125’s… thats what i want anyways…


:astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

You have sinned against the holy unicycle bible!

Definitely my choice, except mine now has 110’s

i have 125’s on my 20" trials and i do muni a lot with it, it makes going downhill easier because i can hold my weight back and prevent the wheel from getting a head of me pretty easily…and as far as uphills are concerned i get up the hill alot quicker than the people with 24" uni’s but they definately do it wth more ease than i do…so if Muni is all you plan on riding then just spring for the 24" but if you dont have the mney to get more than one uni(like me) than a 20" will do the job, it’ll just be a little bit more of a work out.

That’s a good point you make there unirox13. But i guess with the work out, you’ll be getting more fit/exercise the more you pedal. :smiley: :smiley:

Is that because it is a Raleigh?

now here is a mountain bike http://ventanausa.com/frame_elsaltamontes.html

How about a real downhill mountain bike frame: http://ventanausa.com/frame_elcuervo.html

Yeah I have them on my 16" and they are rubbish :frowning: