24" MUni frame

I just received a new rim from Nurse Ben and built up the wheel. Anyway, the wheel is great; however, my brakes are too close to work with the wider rim. I’m just going to ride it without the brakes for now, but I would like to use them in the future.

Does anyone out there in unicycle land have an extra 24" MUni frame w/maggie bosses?

I don’t have a lot of money to put into this, but if the right offer comes my way I could try to make it work. I do have some stuff to trade if anyone is interested:

Original steel Coker wheel with, steel rim, 12 gauge spokes (36), and a chrome UDC Chrome Moly wide hub.

661 4x4 Knee/Shin protection, Adult Medium



After a little searching I learned about the Tensile offset magura mounts. I haven’t been able to find anyone selling them in the U.S. If anyone has something like this, or knows where I can pick some up, I would greatly appreciate it. I really like my Onza frame, it’s just too bad they didn’t consider the need for a wider rim.