24" Mountain Unicycle - $450

I’m selling my Muni since I’m not in shape enough and don’t ride it. Here are the details:

24" Nimbus Mountain Frame - Black
KH Moment Hub
Nimbus Mountain Rim
KH Moment Cranks - 150mm
KH Freeride Seat
KH T-Bar - shortened and narrowed
Magura Hydraulic Brakes
Try-All Metal Pedals - Green
Tire is knobby with some midline wear from some asphalt riding

It’s not suffered any drops, having only taken 2 trail rides that were mostly walking. Other than some mud on the tire and some chips in the paint on the pedals it’s in like new condition. I’ve got $650+ invested in it, but I’m looking to sell it for $450. I’d like to deal in cash face to face, as I’m not sure how to ship this thing. I’m in Boone, NC, willing to meet anyone halfway within an hour radius.

Post if you have any questions!


Would you be willing to sell the K- bar separate? If so I might be very interested.
Also what do you mean by narrowed (on the bar). Maybe some pics would be good.

I’ll post when I get back to my computer. I trimmed some off the horizontal bar on both sides do my knees don’t hit it. I’m not interested in parting it out.

Thanks for the interest.


Can’t ship?

Just confirming that you can’t ship it…

I’m interested but in California.

I can look into shipping. $450 plus whatever it costs for shipping. Postal money order for payment. I need to take it by a bike shop to get the pedals off to take up less space.

Here is a link to Craigslist with pictures: http://boone.craigslist.org/bik/3053888242.html

After a few years away from the forum, this Unicycle is still up for grabs. I’m willing to ship. It hasn’t been ridden any more than when I initially posted it, maybe 2-3 rides total, no big drops or major damage. I’ll post pictures when I get a second.

Here’s pictures.



Are you sure you don’t wanna bring it out to Asheville for one last ride in Bent Creek?:stuck_out_tongue:

I am interested if its still available

Please email me at Richarddtharrett2019@gmail.com.

Sold Pending Funds

SOLD, please close.