24 Miles! Yay me!


OK I know lots of you have gone more than 24 miles but I had never gone more than 7 until today. Today I rode 24 miles and averaged about 8.5 miles an hour, on my Sem with 29" Nanoraptor. I’ve never done that much and to my surprise I wasnt even tired or dehydrated or anything. OK I know 8.5 MPH is slow.

I was invited by a friend to do a “Birthday Challenge” event they do every year now on the LongLeaf rails-to-trails (paved) course in Mississippi. The challenge is to do your age in Kilometers. Not too hard I guess. So, I hit a local paved trail to try to warm up and “see where I was”. I surprised myself by doing all 24 miles straight (2 min break every 4 miles; I didnt count breaks in my speed average)! Cool! Now I know I can do it!

OK I know this isn’t exciting for anyone else but feel free to gimme a little “congrats” action, I could use it! :slight_smile:


Congrat’s!!! :smiley: My best is 14 miles on a crappy fire road. You deserve to be proud. Now do it again;)

I agree… backwards! =) Congrats, Lewis!

That’s quite an accomplishment!!! If I were to do my age, I’d have to go 50 miles:D
Yesterday, there was a fundraiser ride to raise money for maintaining the old Spanish Missions here in San Antonio and I volunteered to lead one of the shorter rides. Of course, I had to ride a unicycle!!! I opted to ride my 24x3 MUni instead of my 28’r so that I could play on some of the small drops and stuff. I ended up with 11 miles, on pavement with a Gazz!!!
Next time I think I’ll use my brain and ride my “road” uni:D :smiley:

Re: 24 Miles! Yay me!

I’m still working on my first 200 feet - 24 miles is COOL!!! Way to
go, Lewis!

>OK I know this isn’t exciting for anyone else but feel free to gimme a
>little “congrats” action, I could use it! :slight_smile:

You deserve it, too!



Thanks for the asked-for congrats!

Today I’ve decided to leave the uni in the launch bay so I can relax! :slight_smile:


Re: 24 Miles! Yay me!

On Sun, 12 Oct 2003 08:01:58 -0500, Krashin’Kenny
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>If I were to do my age, I’d have to
>go 50 miles:D

Hey KK then you would be 80 y.o.! Re-read Animation’s post, it is the
age in kilometres not miles.

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Ooops!!! Thanks for pointing that out:D

Way to go, Lewis! Remember when doing 1 mile was an amazing feat!!! Keep it up and come out and play with us in Mempho!

Congrats Lewis… --chirokid–

Congratulations Lewis!
When is the challenge at LongLeaf? And where is LongLeaf? I might be able to come up and join you. And maybe we can talk Tommy into driving south. I’ve been looking for an excuse to buy a Coker, but I’ve been putting it off because I know it wouldn’t be long before I’d be begging Harper for a Uni.5 hub.
Hope to hook up with you soon.

It wouldn’t take much to talk me into driving south. However, I’m so busy with other things these days I don’t see the opening in my agneda to take the weekend - much less a day!


Lewis, that’s excellent!

If you’re in Minnesota next weekend, join us. We’re planning a 12-mile ride, which isn’t enough of a challenge for you, but you can do it twice while the rest of us watch.

See you then?



The web site for the Long Leaf trace is at http://mylongleaftrace.com/ … the trail runs between Hattiesburg and Prentiss or something. I think there are 41 miles of paved rails-to-trails (former railroad) there. There are 2 events going on that day, November 8, 2003. One is a Celebration run … I’m not sure what it is about. It starts at Hattiesburg and runs to Prentiss. The people doing the Birthday Challenge start AND finish from Prentiss. You’ll go out half-way to your goal and come back. Look under EVENTS on the web page there; there is a “dont sue us” sign-up form. I asked (my co-worker’s dad organizes the event) and it is OK to just bring it with you and submit it as you run; you dont have to mail it in. Its a public trail anyway. :slight_smile: Plus both events are free, with “donations accepted to cover costs” if you want to.

I’ve never been to the course so I am kinda wanting to check it out some weekend before Nov 8, just so I know where I’m going. But I’m definitely going to the Birthday challenge. Someday I’d like to work up to all 41 miles on the unicycle, and do Hattiesburg to Prentiss. I’m mainly worried about flat tires. If I have a flat, I’m SOL. Maybe I can bring a spare tube and patch kit in my backpack or something and maybe a nice biker could help me. :slight_smile:

Anyway … if you are interested in meeting me there or discussing it, shoot me an e-mail to lewis@lwb.org … it should be fun. I may even try it if it rains. :slight_smile:


I’d love to be closer to Minnesota to do some riding with all the nice folks up there, but it is a LONG drive from Jackson, MS. :slight_smile: Thanks for the invite!


Hey I miss you guys but a big reason I haven’t been to visit recently is that everyone in Memphis, like you, is super busy. It seems like the main MUC events are evening things on work nights. I’m 3 hours away so … :slight_smile: I have to pass. On weekends, there seems to be no established times and its usually a last minute thing, so it is hard to just make myself do something like drive up for an early morning Saturday quick ride when the times and turnout are so variable.

HOWEVER, I do want to come up and ride in the parades with the MUC, at least for those I’m skilled enough to ride in, so I hope you’ll see me then anyway, if not before!

Anyway, to all, again, thanks for the congrats!


24 miles???!!! Good job. My farthest to date is about 18 (and my boohiney was plenty sore). Good idea to stop ever 4 for a couple of minutes.

You’re right that everyone up here is busy. Two edged sword. But with a few emails and an open mind, we can set something up. I think we’re about due for another Great Grenada Grunge Ride. That’s 1-1/2 hours for you and 1-1/2 for us (as long as Tommy can avoid getting pulled over by Mississippi’s finest). An easy daytrip.


I’m up for a day trip any time! Just name the weekend and we can barter from there. :slight_smile:



What crank length are you running?

I went out for about half your distance on my 28 with 102’s and topped out at about 10mph for any sustained speed. My average would have been less.

8.5 mph average on a 29 doesn’t sound so slow to me.

Belated congrats.


I think I’m using 125 mm cranks? I measured from the center of the axle to the center of where the pedal screws into the crank and it was 5 inches. It is whatever set of cranks came on the “standard” 29" sem / nano-raptor that Unicycle.com was selling last year.

I only averaged my speed across the last three 4-mile “laps” I did, and in two of the 4-mile laps, I did the journey in 27.X minutes (I rounded against/up to 28 minutes) and once I did it in 28.X minutes (rounding against/up to 29 minutes). Basically, I’d start on the exact minute roll-over after each lap’s break and note the time and when I’d arrive I’d just round up to the next longer minute, since I didnt have exact timing stuff but I had an accurately marked bike path.


( 12 Miles ) * ( 60 Minutes )
---------------------------------- = 8.47 Miles Per Hour
( 85 Minutes ) * ( 1 Hour)

I didn’t time all the other miles.

So, almost 8.5 Miles Per Hour. Slightly under now that I calculate it, though. Maybe calculating down to the second would get me a little closer. :slight_smile: Anyway, I know my first lap was a lot slower because I was re-adjusting to riding my 29", which I hadn’t done for any serious amount of time since the visit Greg Harper made when we (me, Greg, Chris LeFay) rode the Vicksburg National Military Park (we did about 11-13 miles there, not exactly sure).

ANYWAY, fun stuff! I should get a cycling computer or something. What is a good, accurate, affordable one I should check out? Sure, I could use the search function, and I will, but while I’m typing out loud, feel free to give recommendations.


The Cateye Enduro 8 seems pretty good; no frills and rugged.


Cool, thanks! I’ll check it out.