24" Large Marge

Hi everybody,

as the title says, I am looking for a 24" Large Marge. So if you have one unused (either the rim alone or a whole wheelset), let me know what parts you are looking for a trade or name your price.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Bump. Still passively looking for one :wink:

I may have to rebuild my 24" muni with a Nimbus frame and was considering putting a fatter rim on so was looking for this myself recently. Have you considered rims by choppersus.com or robbson.de? The latter has 80mm and above while the latter has 65mm, too.

Thanks for the tips waaaalrus. My only concern with these rims (and the weinmann too) is their weight. The weinmann have the weight in the specs where the other two don’t.

I know the Large Marge isn’t light but it is a tad lighter and I have no doubt about the strength. On the other hand, the other three brands are easy to find and cheaper than the Surly one.

For now I keep these as plan B and hope to get lucky. (I already missed a good opportunity on this forum twice. :smiley: ).

P. S. : I can’t wait to read your feedback on very fat setup in 24 inches :slight_smile:
P. S. 2: the German fat rims are really cheap (shipping excluded) !

Bump. I am looking for a setup that could fit a suitcase (so max 24) for an upcoming travel. Even if any 24 rim can be fine (KH, Nimbus, K1…), it would kill 2 birds with one stone if I get a LM :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S.: PM welcomed on other 24 wheelsets (or full muni)

PM sent