24" Large Marge *Brand new*

Hello! I bought this Surly Large Marge rim thinking I would mount it in a Muni rim and have a killer undestrutible setup for Muni, but it seems a little bit overkill to me, and I really like using my brake when riding Muni (I can’t put the brake without adapters or larger frame). Also, I need some money for other unicycle projects… Anyway…:stuck_out_tongue:

The rim is absolutely brand new, it has never been mounted into a wheel, I’ve only put a tire on it too see how huge the tire looks. it’s 24", 36 holes and the valve hole is drilled for a Shrader valve.

I’m thinking $90 CAD, buyer pays shipping. I can post pictures if requested.

I forgot to add, I’d be willing to trade for a brand new KH 24" rim. If you have any other offers go ahead and PM me :slight_smile:


I’m still looking to get rid of that huge rim. I would trade for a brand new 24" rim, any brand, but good for Street and Muni. I’d do a straight trade for a nimbus Muni rim…

PM me if you have any questions or offers.