24" Kris Holm Muni

Hello I am selling my excellent condiditon 24" Kris Holm Muni. I have too many and need to get rid of a few.
KH new wheel build
KH Moment hub
KH Moment Dual-hole cranks 125/150
KH Freeride saddle
KH adjustable seat post

also included NEW Duro Leopard 24" 3.0 tire

Am asking $600

I will ONLY ship within lower 48 US states. I am located in Spokane WA

That’s a pre-2012 without the eyelets for a disc brake?

At a guess, early 2011 vintage, same as mine. At least a year before the “fixed” (less clicky) moment hubs too.

The hub and wheel are brand new. Built this year.