24" Kris Holm MUni (Koxx, Nimbus, Foss)

24" Kris Holm MUni

Saddle: Kris Holm ‘Freeride’ Unicycle Saddle - Black
Seatpost: Nimbus ‘Aluminium’ Seatpost
Seatpost Clamp: Kris Holm ‘Doublebolt’ Seatpost Clamp - Black
Frame: 24" Kris Holm ‘Aluminium’ Unicycle Frame - Raw (Clear Coated)
Tyre: Halo Ception 24" x 2.6" Tyre
Rim: 24" Nimbus ‘Dominator2’ Rim
Spokes: Stainless Steel, Black Nipples (14G)
Hub: Nimbus ISIS Hub - 36 Hole (Carbon Spacers)
Cranks: Koxx ‘Street’ ISIS Cranks - 133mm
Pedals: Nimbus ‘Studded’ Plastic Pedals
Brake: Magura HS33 - Racing Lime (Black Clamps)
Inner Tube: FOSS 24x2.25"

£180 (GBP)

Shipping within the UK will be £7
Outside the UK PM me and i’ll get you a quote.


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