24" Kris Holm Muni + 20" Avenir Freestyle Uni

Hello All!
Up for sale is my 2006 Kris Holm Muni, It has served me very well until an injury a couple years ago that led me to stick with 2 wheeled devices.
It has been ridden a half dozen times - my main ride was a KH20, wheel is true, tire is original and is in great condition, almost no noticable wear, the extra rubber from the manufacturing process is still not worn off. Moment cranks that came stock with it are straight and the new Animal Hamilton unsealed bearing pedals are in great condition with no missing pins. The seatpost included is a thompson with about 6.2 inches extension from the uni frame, as well as the original kris holm seatpost, which is adjustable angle and has been cut to leave 4-5 inches extension from the frame. I had always ridden it with a flexible tubing split open and wrapped around the frame, so protect it from any dents or dings. So the paint is in excellent condition as well (see pics).
I am asking $400 for this unicycle , if you’re interested in it feel free to email, I can do paypal verified account or cashiers check from a major bank.