24" kh test drive

well on the weekend I whent to the northshore (the best place ever) and got to test drive the 2005 kh 24" and it was the smoothest thing I had ever riden and soooper oober light . also as you have probably seen there are two 24" uni and one sais free-ride and one says xc and really the xc (cross-country) only means the rim isnt as wide but is stil as strong as the free ride just so you all know, so bassicaly its the free ride light

I think the XC also has shorter cranks. I’m the poud father…erm owner of a 2005 freeride…And I love it. I’ve managed to hurt it a bit already. Having said that I seem to be fairly good at breaking unicycles anyway. The only damage done to it has been through me throwing it around in hard places. Although I’m not so sure that when I bent the rails on the saddle that was because of any silliness on my part…Just an awkward landing. It was an easy fix though, just gave it a bit of attention with a vice. It developed a bit of a creak yesterday on the last stretch of my ride…But twas a lovely ride with many drops so I can forgive that.

In short; I concur. 'Tis a lovely unicycle. After my coker arrives (in the next few weeks…Oooh am I excitipated) next on the list is a 2005 29"…Or maybe the trials. So many unicycles so little time…and/or money.