24 KH/Schlumpf as a coker replacement?

Let me explain…

I have two insanely awesome projects I want to attempt next year. Both of them involve a huge amount of climbing and descending, as well as long relatively flat parts. The second one also involves me carrying the uni on my back a lot.
I´m considering using a 24" KH/Schlumpf for both trips. But how fast can you really cruise comfortably with one? And is it feasible to do 100km day after day? On my coker that would be doable, but I´m guessing it´s a bit different on the small wheel?

Maybe a 26" would be more suitable. But then I would probably have to use the KH 29" frame, no? I definately need Maguras for these trips as well. Would the mounts on the frame be in the wrong place then, or is it easily adjustable?

Have you read ANY of the several threads discussing this topic over the last two weeks? Seriously, there is a lot of dialog on this topic. Poke around a bit, see what people are talking about relative to Ultimate Touring Machines and the KH/Schlumpf hub. Then maybe post a question like this in one of those threads to add value to the discussion, versus just introducing more fragmentation.

An ‘effective’ 36" wheel won’t travel as fast or as smoothly as a real 36" wheel. All those little bumps and cracks in the road that you never notice on the Coker will keep you alert all the time. A 24" guni is not the ideal long distance commuting machine.

However, despite all of that, it is probably the best option for what you want to do. It certainly should be capable of 100km of road riding in a day, but you won’t feel as fresh as you would have on your Coker. And it’ll stand up to slower more technical sections. It’ll win hands down on which uni I would want to carry around too!

A 26" would probably be a better option, although without knowing the details of your route, riding style etc I can’t make the decission for you. But it’ll be a good compromise. You will, however, need to braze on the Magura mounts on to a 29" KH frame… or order a 26" Triton!


You could get this muni
and ask them to attach these to it.
Otherwise attach them youself, the KH/schlumpf hub should fit in the nimbus too.

No, it won’t. The KH/Schlumpf hub needs machined bearing holders so that it can clamp very very tightly on the knurled sleeve that replaced the bearing on one side. The Nimbus frames have pressed steel bearing holders that won’t have an exact fit.


First, I suggest you read my post again. Second, I´m pretty sure I´ve read EVERY thread about the KH/Schlumpf hub, and not ANYwhere has there been a discussion about what I´m proposing here. Your reply really is quite uncalled for.

For the rest of you, keep the suggestions coming!

municycle.com actually has a 26" Nimbus ISIS muni with 42mm machined bearing housings, but Roland claimed that it still wouldn´t fit the KH/Schlumpf hub (?) http://www.einradladen.net/shop/show_product.php/cPath/1/products_id/661

Edit:forgot the link

Yeah i thought the bearing holders might of been a problem on the nimbus, but wasnt sure. It’s a shame really because that would be a pretty good uni then. I suppose the triton is another option then but it will become very expencive with that and the geared hub, but still an amazingly cool unicycle!!

i thought they’d all moved over to machined bearing holders now? my nimbus hockey uni and 36 certainly do.

I know the N36 does (although I’m pretty sure it’s 40mm not 42), but I didn’t think the others were. Maybe if your Hocey one is the perhaps they are all moving over.


yep my freestyle holders look just like the N36 ones and take the nimbus ISIS hub so presumably are 42mm

I feel the need to quote myself here.

What Roland said was: “There is a diameter of 37mm. This diameter is smaller on a Nimbus frame.”

So, people who have the geared 24", how would you feel about riding 100km on a paved road with it? Enjoyable, or is it stretching it?
I would put on a thinner, more road or cross country oriented tyre.

I personally would not want to do it on a 24" wheel, but I know it could be done. You can carry the speed, but unless it is really smooth road, the adjustments required when you hit bumps would take a lot more energy than on a 36" wheel. Perhaps I just haven’t logged enough miles on mine to where it is comfortable, but I don’t see myself riding those kinds of distances on a 24" wheel, without my legs dying. The whole point for me is to cover more ground quickly in between the muni sections. It makes for exhilarating times on single track!

Thanks for the input!
I´m leaning more towards a 26", but it´s going to get alot more expensive and complicated that way.

There would certainly be some singletrack on my planned route as well, but it´s going to be a 1000km+ trip, and I need to be able to cover some serious ground certain days.
I suspect most people buy the 24" for just the purposes you´re describing seriousslacker, but my situation is quite a bit different(hint to tomblackwood).

I need to be able to comfortably carry it on my back while going up, up, up. So a 26" is really as big as I want to go.

IMHO, don’t get a 26" – it is currently an odd uni size. I think the decision is simple:

  1. If you want to ride any tough muni, get a 24"
  2. If you want to ride some muni, cross country trails, and be able to still climb steep hills, get a 29"
  3. If you want a touring and speed machine, get a 36".

…and, get it geared, if you can afford it.


Both trips sounds like a Coker is ideal, but since you have to carry the uni on your back, a 29’er would probably be better. I don’t think you’ll be happy riding your KH 24 on the street.


I really would recommend a 29er over a 26" for your purposes. Because there’s no really good 26" frame on the market right now, the 29er will probably not be any heavier than the 26", and you’ll be on a better machine for your long distance.

One thing worth considering if you’re touring unsupported, is that 26" is the easiest size to get spares for in most remote places.

I did a lot of riding on my 29er schlumpf last year, and whilst it was great on road, every time I headed off road, I was wishing it was a 26 with a decent sized tyre on. I’ve done 40 miles on an ungeared 26 (on and off road) in a day, and it was fine, there’s not a massive difference in size between a big 26" tyre and a 29er, except that the 26" tyre is so so much better for off road. I reckon a 26" geared would be fine for 60 miles in a day.

You would have to mess with the frame though, I dunno if there’s any stock 26" frames that’d fit. I think Koxx do a 26" frame with brake mounts, but it probably won’t fit the hub.

Having said that, a 29" is typically a bit lighter than 26"+fat tyre, a bit better on roads, and I’ve had no problems bunging mine on the back of my rucksack for big long unrideable uphills.

Personally I’d consider how much off road you’ll be doing compared to road, and how much you mind having to walk the most technical sections, and go for a 26 or a 29 depending.


I guess I have to share some info to make it easier for you to help. I don´t want to say too much, though, as it´s still a good while before it would be time for it, and a lot can happen.
But when I say that I have to be able to carry it on my back, I mean carry it for over 3000m continuous vertical. And I´m not starting at sea level.

I guess I should start looking into a Triton 26" frame, then? I was hoping it wouldn´t have to come to that. What are they, 400 euro or something?

Another question. How good are Maguras really? Can I charge down some really long, serious descents in high gear, and control it with the brake? I´ve never used a brake on my unis before, because it hasn´t felt necessary. But for these trips, it is.


My suggestion would be borrow a singlespeed 29’er and decide whether you feel comfortable doing the kind of technical sections you’d like to do on that wheel size. Tire choice makes a big difference and the best tires right now for more technical 29’er riding are new. The WTB Stout is very good. The new Schwalbe Racing Ralph also looks very good although I have not yet tried it.

Also think about whether you’d be able to carry a pack with any amount of gear, on a 29’er on a more technical trail. Wipeouts seem to feel a lot more spectacular on the larger wheel size. If your main priority is singletrack, and the point of the gearing is to get between singletrack, then a 24" may be the better choice. The gearing really helps with this, although a 24" riding in 36-equivalent mode (2nd gear) does not feel as stable or fast as a singlespeed 36’er.

For carrying the uni, get a good snowboard pack. They work great and are very convenient- you can click the uni on and off the snowboard carry straps very quickly and the carry support is good.

I would put Maguras in the “essential” category for a long multiday ride- they really help save energy, especially on the 29’er.


If you choose to go the 26er route, you could get a KH29 frame, and have a qualified person install an additional magura mounts in the appropriate place. The hardware is maybe $20 and it shouldn’t cost more than $50 to have the work done. Still loads cheaper than going Ti.

It would be a better road ride than a 24" although it’s hard to say by how much. Joe has a valid point about getting parts in remote areas.