24" kh or other...

Hi, I am new to the forums, and have been riding unicycles only briefly but I am ready to get into a better uni then what I currently have as it is pretty much beat. I am actively looking for a 24" KH used. If not a 24, possibly a 29er either KH or Nimbus, prefer KH. I have had the opportunity to ride a KH and they seem to be easier to adjust down for a short rider, whereas I’m not sure if Nimbus is. If you know of any please let me know as I am seriously pursuing a used one. I really can’t afford a brand new one just yet. Thanks for looking.

Hello and Welcome to the forums. Just for your information, both Nimbus and KH and any other brand of good unis are as easy to ajust for different rider sizes as the KH. A little help to find a uni, it would be good to know your price range too, you say you can’t afford a new KH, but Nimbus are fairly cheap and are really good, so I assume your price range is lower than $300? anyway, It’s just to help you a bit.

I guess I’m not really sure, depends on the uni. A new 24" KH goes for about $500 or higher depending on the site and I have looked into Nimbus a little, but I want Moments and I know Unicycle.com is out of 125/150 which is what I wanted to upgrade to. For a used KH 24" I’d most likely go higher than $300 depending on condition, year, etc. Still new, still learning. I will check out a new Nimbus but if I got a Nimbus I wanted to upgrade the cranks and most places don’t have that option.

You can get the nimbus with the Nimbus Venture cranks, they seem pretty good for now. Once UDC (unicycle.com) has the Moments 125/150 you can upgrade if you want or just continue to ride your Venture cranks.

I have a 07 KH, fairly good condition although im located in Australia, willing to post though, pm me if interested

Yeah, I’m interested. pm sent.

I have a Nimbus MUNI in Orange and Black with KH 125/150 moments. It is close to like new condition minus a very small nick. PM if interested. $250 plus $35 shipping.

pm sent