24" KH Custom Muni $300

Sun Double Wide rim with 3" Nokian Gazzaloddi

KH Moment Hub/Crank 150 MM.

Red meat tenderizer pedals with rubber bumpers ( I think the pedals are aluminum, they are really solid, don’t remember the brand. They are from Unicycle.com).

KH Muni frame and seat post with brake bar (custom seat support bracket installed)

KH saddle

This puppy is battle tested (went to MMF a few times, and hit the rough trails in the Black hills in South Dakota, survived lots of 3 ft drops with no damage, etc) and rides well to this day. Only caveats are a lot of wear and tear, and the cranks creak when lots of pressure is put on them.

Paypal and Bitcoin accepted. Ships from Minneapolis, Minnesota.