24 inch which one?¿

im getting into uning and i decided to get my self a 24 inch i dont do muni and i like to do tricks but a wont some speed aswell please shed some light on which one to get and if i should get one PS i like to do tricks alot

then get a freestyle uni and a coker… DOI!!!

i have never ridden one but either of the miata uni’s look nice. I have a miyata Road B*ke and it is very nice.

hey dan,

i have a miata 24 that i bought for uninats last year. it is a great machine and i havent had any problems with it (apart from the quick-release, which snapped). you can get these from juggleart in melbourne and shipping to anywhere in australia is pretty cheap.

it says they are on special at the moment, although they have been at that price for over a year.

otherwise get a nimbus 24 from guy at unicycle.com australia. these are also great unicycles. its really personal preference, but i think the miata is more responsive (i think it is lighter).



Ihave decided against getting a 24Inch and deccied to go for the nimbus II im getting into trials thx for the help though