24 inch unicycle

Want a 24 inch unicycle because i am just beginning but also want to ride around.
Looking around the $100-$150 price range.

You can get a club 24in unicycle on unicycle.com for $140.

That’ll do the trick if you’re only gonna ride around. It’s got a cruiser feel to it, but not super fast.

You can get a club 24in on unicycle.com for $140. Only thing is you have to pay shipping on orders under $300. Maybe look at bike shops, or craigslist?

That’ll do the trick if you just wanna ride around town for now. Good luck! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, I actually just bought the Torker CX from eBay for around $110. Should I consider buying 125mm cranks because the unicycle comes with 150mm ones, or will it not make a significant difference?

If you start swapping parts out right away the economy of your purchase will quickly go away. 150s are probably fine for learning, but as you get more relaxed you will probably want shorter cranks, or a bigger wheel (for getting around). I think 125s may still be a bit on the long side for a 24" cruiser. Maybe 114s, or even 100s.

Agree with jtrops in principle, but in the case of my 24" Sun with 150 mm cranks it was always miserable to ride like that. It was tiring and hard keep a straight line because of the extra unneeded motion. I switched over to 125 mm cranks because I had some and it was a very significant difference. A huge improvement, I thought. Recommend.

I guess another “principled” response. My thoughts are that the 150’s are good for getting the basics down, and that shorter cranks are probably in order; but, maybe even shorter than 125’s would be better. My only reservation is that I wouldn’t put someone on 100’s to get the basics down. I think it would make it much more difficult to relax.

I don’t know why a 24" uni would come with anything longer than 125’s anyway (unless its a MUni). That seems like the sweet spot for stock cranks on a uni that size.

I agree with the others. My 24 came with 127s. I put 150s on it to ride in my yard (because I had them), but I’m not good enough yet to make that pay off, at least not with the climbs involved in my very lumpy lawn. On pavement, it is more difficult than it should be making those big circles. I am considering going shorter than 125 on it for pavement but that will definitely rule out the yard. I’m considering going shorter than 127 on my 29" roadie too.

I’ll definitely have the cranks for a while, but in the event that I do buy new cranks would transition from 150mm to 100mm cranks be a good idea?

Since you’re just starting out, my vote is for the 125s. You can, of course, learn on shorter cranks, but learning is hard enough without making it harder. If you’re making this call once you’re comfortable with what you’ve learned on the 150s (and it seems like that is the case), then, sure, try the 100s if you’re wanting to go for high rpms. Be prepared for a bit of adapting and to not be able to handle certain descents, stops, idling, and maybe even climbs that you used to be able to on the longer cranks at least until said adaptation has occurred. Of course, the adaptation will be bigger with a bigger change in crank length. 150 to 127 didn’t take me very long. I don’t have any 100s (or 102s) yet.

I think 125s would’ve been better to learn on, but you can still learn with 150s. When you get good at riding, you might want to buy a new unicycle depending on what type of riding you’d like to do. Report back in a couple weeks when you get there :wink:

Also soon you’ll get to the point where you can ride almost any wheel size/crank length pretty easily.

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Thanks all for the info, the community seems very responsive and helpful so far :slight_smile: