24 inch unicycle

[B]looking for a 24 inch don’t mind if there are minor marks or scratches

willing to pay about $250 to $300[/B]

i might consider a trade either for a 2008 or 2009 isis nimbus 26 muni or a isis trials of some sort NOT quax

I have a 24x3 muni that i am looking to sell that might suit you.
Here are the specs
-Profile hub/cranks 170mm (these things have a lifetime warranty)
-GP unicycles 4130 croMo frame with machined bearing holders (black)

  • SMO dice tripple walled rim
  • KH seat (older version)
  • Jim C Odessy pedals
  • Nokian Gazz 24x3 ( a rare tire with decent tread on it still)

In good working condition but has had good use (ie scratches etc)
would be looking in the lowish 300’s for it. If your interested i will post pics,


oi andrew see how much that guy who sold tim the torker will sell his 24 inch for.

actualy scrap that idea

Sorry for thread jack, but hows the muni going knighty?

its going good done some pretty good rides on it.i enjoy muni but im gonna get some shorter cranks i think.