24 inch uni speed comparisons

I am getting a 24 inch wheel Semcycle soon and I know there are lots
or 24 inch wheel uni riders out there. So I wonder if you can tell me
how this size uni’s speed compares to other modes of self propelled
transport. Like I know its lots faster than walking and probably
slower than a road bike but how would it compare to the average speed
of a jogger, someone in-line skating, a longboard (skateboard), a
decent kick scooter or a mtn bike on the road?

bikes and roller blades will kick your butt.

it’s the same speed as an average jogger…although no impact and less tiring

A comfortable pace on a 24" is about jogging speed or a bit faster depending on you, your comfort cadence, your crank length…

I pass joggers easily when I am running my dog on the 24" with 6" cranks even. I go three miles and it is not at all tiring at that speed primarily because it involves spinning, not hulking my weight up and down each step.

Of course the dog’s not tired either but he’s a dog.