24 Inch Tire

Can I put the Duro Racing Wildlife Leopard 24 x 3.0 DH Tire on my old 24 incher to make it more Muni capable or is there some other recommendation?

Thank you, Jeff

My Duro is 2.598 inch high and it is used, so no it won’t fit. You’ll have to find a smaller tyre(or buy a MUni:D) Not even sure if your rim is wide enough to effectively mount a large tyre.

Edit: Also check how wide your frame is (inner measurement) to see how wide tyre you can put on it.

Buy a new uni :slight_smile:

Thank you for the replies. Buying a Muni is not an option for me right now. Santa is bringing me a Coker and I would like to put the best Muni tire I can on my old 24 incher to start experimenting with Muni riding. Obviously the Duro Rading tire will not work for me. Looking for other suggestions. Here are frame width and rim width dimensions. Thank you.

All you’re gonna get on that rim/frame is a narrower freestyle or jump tire or something like this:

Figure that height and width are going to be similar, so use your minimum dimension to determine fit. You need at least 3/8" on each side and at the crown or you’re gonna have clearance issues when your rim flexes or if the tire or rim are out of true.

So probably a 24 x 2-2.2"