24 inch street

I have both a 20 and 24 inch DX. Since I got the 20 I kinda shelved the 24, but I’m looking to use it. I’ve heard some discussion of 24 inch street, but looking in this forum for some 24 inch street videos to see what it looks like, I haven’t found a thing.

Maybe I was searching for the wrong thing, but can someone direct me to a little street video using 24 inch unicycles?

I know this isn’t me posting a video, but I thought it belonged in this forum. If I’m wrong feel free to move it :stuck_out_tongue:

Look up Justin Khose.

If you search for cruisecontrol in the gallery you will get some 24" and 20" stuff by Justin Kohse. Also, if you can find the trailers for his Evolution DVD you’ll see some twenty four stuff in there.


I’ll start making a 24" street(and trials) vid as soon as my camera gets here.

Justin just moved to my town (Burnaby)… so with a little luck, I’ll catch the illusive 24" street rider on film.
When he said he rode his 24" for street, I had to double check. You mean “street”, as opposed to commuting. I’d never heard of it.

I only had a 24" for a long time, and learned trials and some street on it. But I wouldnt say its an advantage. Curious…


There just khose 24" street vid…good video

sorry man, im switching to 20". I just got my dh pro yesterday:D

dh pro… sweet! But I guess you’ll have to be on the red team for hockey this Sunday :slight_smile:

ok i got bored, im back to 24 lol

What tire are you running now Justin? Whats the widest slick 24"?

running a holy roller, kinda want the hookworm again

Well, it isn’t exactly street, but I do pretty much everything on my MUni that’s normally done a 19" trials. Check out my vid I just posted.:slight_smile:


It looks cool, but I think Hookworm is much better. With Fireball you keep getting pinchflats and the bounce is not so good. Plus, it’s not very manouvrable. But it looks cool.

After riding a 19" for a month, going back to 24" felt really weird. I rode it for one day and then went back to the 19" :o

i used to feel that way too when i did that. But ever since ive had the KH, wit the 150’s. Everything has been amazing! im hitting all of the same flip tricks but keeping all the speed with the big tire.

I realy admire you that you can flip and spin so good with a 24".
And the rails you do.
Just amazes me.
Keep riding the big wheel Justin, because you kick ass with it :sunglasses:

Peter M

I swear I saw some other pretty good 24" vid somewhen. I think it was more trials rather than street. It had some trilas lines on a dead tree, if someone could find it that would be great. Sorry I cant be more specific, It was a while ago I saw it and my memory sucks.

I think that was Mangos video. It had no music in it, right?

Um mangos sort of rings a bell, Im not sure about the music. Me memory is shocking, I just remember it being realy good and there being some trials on a strange shaped dead tree.

hmmm… maybe it was all a dream :o

No dream, no music.

I saw a decent vid a while ago of a couple of guys on 24’s. It was mostly trials on red stacked up picknick tables. If memory serves correct one uni was a Qu-Ax and one an '05 KH on a Dx wheelset.