24 inch Stealth Tire Question

…meanwhile back on earth…
I don’t have enough money, or at least a willingness to spend it, to get a KH24. Yet. More so, I don’t know if I would even enjoy MUni. I don’t have any mountain biking background. Actually I used to be a road biker. So I was looking at some cheap 24 incher’s I could try out for some psudo MUni. I have a 20 inch stealth and I’m very impressed by it. So here’s the plan I came up with:

Buy a 24 inch stealth and throw on the widest tire I can fit.
Ride it around and on trails to see if MUni is my thing.
If I like it, I can think more seriously about getting the KH24.
The stealth will receive a street tire and some short cranks.

The question I have is, how wide of a tire can the Stealth frame take? Any suggestions on a particular tire?


i dont know if you remember but awile ago i made this vary suggestion on getting to know MUni,but you completely ignored me…

Sorry jagur,
I didn’t mean to ignore you. In fact, I was thinking of your suggestion and that’s what prompted this thread. At the time, I was looking more at getting a “real” MUni, and that used one was the closest I could find.

About that used one… The guy who was going to sell it ended up pulling it, and putting a KH seat on it. He now rides it to work, the bike shop.


from what i cant tell it looks like a a 24x2.3 tyre would fit but a 24x 2.175 would go in there easy.

those sizes are not that fat but fatter than regular.jakk up the tyre pressure to stave off pinch flats and its the cheapest MUni avalible.

good news= it will be hella light! and low cost

bad news= the stock cranks are going to bend if you get bad ass on the thing…and the newer style Miyata handle will fail in time,but we all know that.still its better than other seats in this price range.

for what its worth though,with one change to a knobbie tyre The 24inch Torker Unistar is the best Muni around for the price.

I just came from my LBS where they just received one Stealth 24. I was surprised to see how little clearance there was. They didn’t have any 24 inch tires on hand other then the massive dh ones, so I couldn’t test fit one.

I was wondering if it would be worth it to buy it, ride it a while, and if I want to upgrade it, get a Yuni frame. Would this work? If I like MUni and need a better setup, I could always order a better wheel set and use the Miyata seat and Yuni frame.


sounds like a good idea to me.

remember though,if you do get the Yuni frame in the future;even though it can clear a 3.0 tyre, the rim off the Steath wheel wont be able to hold anything bigger than a 2.4.

when and if you order a Yuni frame,you sould probobly order some BE cranks too.the stock Steath ones are soft.

Why not just put a knobby on your 20" and try that for a while. Plenty plenty plenty of good riding there.

The Miyata Yoopers fix FAQ is essentially done, but I’m having troubles uploading. Gilby is helping so it’s just a matter of a few days now. Lots of pics, parts lists, and also a seat hardware upgrade that I’m pretty sure fixes the bolt-spinning problem.

I also have a background in road racing - I still race every wednesday and saturday with a local club, and ride at least 40kilometres every day on my racer(as long as it isnt raining and i feel ok…:slight_smile:
I am buying a KH24 at the moment, and presently own a dodgy 20" I learnt on. Ive just put a knobbly tyre on it and ridden it as a muni machine for a few months now.
Dont think you need a ‘municycle’ for muni - you can do just as well with a learner like mine. Sure - ive bent/broken nearly everything on it, but thats cause I went well past the stage ‘I like muni…’ to ‘lets do this properly, like every day at least…’ and pushed my uni to the edge of its capabilities…
Throw a knobbly tyre on your 20 inch, get some nice metal pedals (with spikes) a comfy seat with a handle, and go hard!
Then, if you liked it as much as I have, look at getting a nice muni that wont break on a 3 foot drop, like a kh24 or something.

Sorry about this everyone but…

Please check you PM’s.


I think the wheel size makes a huge difference. Of course you can have enormous amounts of fun on a 20" doing muni but you can do much better stuff (which to me is usually more fun) on a 24" with a big tyre that’ll roll over things. I enjoyed skidding down firetrails on my 20" with a crappy tyre.


I admit I cant wait to get my 24 inch …
but for a taste, I dont think there is much point in buying a 24 inch just yet.
Just try riding your 20" on some trails and see how you like it. But remember that a 24" will let you do bigger drops, roll over and through holes/bumps with ease and go much, much faster :slight_smile:

apology denied…
junk! it now!!

cheers to stating the obvious. :smiley:

Daniel never said he couldnt spend the money,only that he didnt want to spend hard earned coconuts on a KH24.i think the parts from a Steath Torker matched with a $40 dollar Yuni frame and a new fatter tyre is just a good idea.is there better for that price? i dont think there is,but maybe.the 48 spokes is a huge bonus in this discussion.

BTW.there is that slight seat tube diameter differance :sunglasses:

I just put a knobby tire on my 20 inch stealth. I shall try it out in the days and weeks ahead. Right now I do have a 24, a chrome torker. I really like the speed and the leverage from the longer cranks. I seem to get very impatient with the 20’s lack of speed.

What is the difference? Is the seat post larger then the frame? Smaller? Could I shim it? Or will I have to buy a new seatpost?

Thanks for all the help

Nuff said.

Not enjoy Muni?


And another thing,
Are the widths of the frame, distance between the bearings, standard? I remember one thread that someone used a Yuni frame with a chrome torker wheelset. They said they had to bend the fork of the Yuni in a little to accept the Torker wheelset. Is that bad?

The according to Unicycle.com, the Yuni takes a bearing size of 40mm, they don’t have what size the Torker uses. Is it also 40?