24 inch Large Marge Rim

I have an unused 24" Surly Conundrum unicycle frame that I just bought and I want to build it out. The first step is the rim. So I’m looking for a 24" Large Marge rim or equivalent.

I’m in Portland, Maine. Thanks!


This 36 hole 24" 80mm fat rim with cutouts is ~$25 USD from Russia.

Unfortunately the guy doesn’t ship overseas. So you would need to use mail forwarding or make it worthwhile for Sergey from onlycycle.ru to forward it on for you. I bought one of those rims and Sergey shipped it to me in Australia.

I did order some other things from Sergey to make it worth his while but he is extremely helpful. He emailed the fatbiker.ru guy (as the guy doesnt speak much english) and sorted the whole thing.

Plus Sergeys russian unicycle website has cheaper prices than UDC in Australia so I bought fusion zero/seatpost and spirit hub from him to build up the wheel.

Sergey Prices
Kris Holm Spirit Hub 36h $86.2USD
24 inch spokes for wheel build $7.20
Powder Coat $6.50
Wheel Build $7.20
Fusion Zero Saddle $65
KH Pivotal Post $28
Shipping ??

Made it well worthwhile for me, especially as trying to find a 24inch fat rim is next to impossible, especially with cutouts.

Thanks Pinoclean for the reply. Will that wheel setup fit the 24" Conundrum frame. The spec sheet that I have says that it will hold a 24" x 3.7" tire and that looks like a 24" x 4" tire.

Otherwise, I would be very happy with that setup.

It is still in the mail so I think I wont get it for a few weeks. I will let you know as I have a 24inch conundrum that I hoping to run it on it. If not I have a Specialized Ground control that should fit.

I think many tyres come undersize but I will see how it goes. You could always get the wheel and rest of the set-up from Russia and then get the tyre from somewhere else. Since the tyre is the largest part it would also save a bit in shipping at a guess.

That tyre was $55usd which is pretty good for 120tpi so hopefully it fits

This post has a pic of someone running that tyre on a dominator 2 rim in a Surly 24 so yes I think it should be fine.

Thanks again. Very helpful links.

Do you plan on using a brake? I’m wondering if the Magura rim brake will work on the slightly wider rim.

Bri is selling a rim brake specially made for a conundrum 24" you could purchase hers she’s in the states

Did you get your wheel from Russia yet? How do you like it? Did it fit the Conundrum frame?