24 inch gift

So i’ve still not quite mastered my brand new 20" on account of spraining my ankle but i’m close to being able to ride it without the wall. :smiley: proud of myself

And i was telling a friend about becoming interested in uni and she said her dad had one lying in the shed and it’d been there years and did i want it. So never one to look a gift uni in the mouth i said yes…so i’m now the slightly intimidated owner of a kind of knackered looking 24" uni.

Here it is, do you think it’s worth fixing up a bit? If so what should i do with it? Would it suffice to learn to ride a 24 on until i see whether i want to continue on the 20 or the 24? Or is it a total junker and should i just tip it?

Looks quite good. The bearing housings are ok, the cranks are a bit too long IMO, the seat should be changed.

what is even broken on it if anything?

I don’t think it’s broken as such, just been out of use for a long time. It was all covered in stuff and the pic above is it after being well cleaned off. The cranks don’t look entirely level to me and the pedals look weird but the seat seems secure. I can’t comment to clearly cos i can’t ride properly yet so i dunno if it feels weird or anything.

With those long cranks I bet it will feel almost exactly like your 20" uni. If you have 127mm cranks on your 20" then they will feel very similar.

It does look like the cranks are bent or the axle is twisted. Check out this thread specifically Harper’s post to determine if it is bent.

Other than the possible twisted hub it looks like a half decent unicycle.

I don’t know, the thing is crooked. Not just a little crooked, it appears to be off by 90 degrees! :smiley:

Yes, looks solid. Cranks may not be 100% parallel, but hard to tell from one photo. Also it’s not enough to notice when riding. Cranks are definitely long, but the pedals are great for riding indoors. Replace the seat when it gets torn up in the front.

Now turn it right-side up, and ride it!

I’ll check the thing that Harper said to if i can get the cranks off it. thanks for pointing that out saskatchewanian.

I’m going to have to shorten the seatpost it’s miles too too long.
What length cranks do people recommend then? I’m only 5ft4 and have a 29/30 ish inseam if that helps any

it is fine the way it is to learn on…
don’t change anything but the seatpost, even that seat isn’t too bad…

Cut the seat post down for now, so the seat is lower and take it for a spin. That will help you decide what to do with it.

Crank lengths for a 24" unicycle:

  • 140s for MUni, basketball, IUF Obstacle Course
  • 125s for tricks and a mix of general riding
  • shorter sizes for speed. I don't recommend going shorter than 89mm. :)