24 inch alluminum muni frame united states

Hi I have 2 custom built 24 inch muni frames for sale. I built these frames myself. I’m a machinist with a masters in welding and machining. I have been riding on one of these frames for 2 years and I love it. This frame is lighter and stifer than the KH cromoly frame I have. I have 2 of them for sale, one is pwdercoated lime green the other is powdercoated black. I rode both around the block a few times to test them out but that’s it. I’m looking to get 150 plus shipping obo. Let me know if you have any questions or you want pics. My email is gt4fan1@yahoo.com thanks.


I’d like to see the frames as well :slight_smile:

Ill try to get some pics up latet tonight

A few pics

Here are a few pics i decided not to powder coat them yet ill let the buyer choose what color. Black, Red, Orange, or Lime green. The Green one in the pic is the one I ride. Let me know if you need more shots.

I would totally give you $150 for one of these frames if it was 26". To bad. :confused:

Ohh well. Good luck with your sell! I do like your frames. :slight_smile:

Well, I would have to get some specs first, but I would be tempted to!

Let me know what specs you need

Cool frame, but is the seatpost slit wonky??

Cool frames! I just don’t need one right now. Sorry dude. :slight_smile:

looks interesting, im interested in getting one just for the sake of having a different frame.

will you ship to Canada? ( im in Vancouver, BC)

Also may be interested in it, which leads me to the previous question, will you be shipping to Canada?

I have no problem shipping to canada ill get a quote later today when I get off work.

Shipping to canada will be $15

Do you plan to make anymore in bigger sizes? I really like the frame but would like to move from my 24 to a 29.

I am very new to unicycling, but am making good progress and will be buying something soon. The 24 I have is pretty terrible - an old Avocent with the lollipop hub/crank design. So to buy one of your 24 frames I would also need to buy a wheelset etc. If I am going to spend that money I would really like to get into a bigger uni. But your design looks very strong, and has a cool aesthetic!

man ill give you 150!!! shipping to canada? so are you just selling the frame or the complete? e-mail me: fentonliam@hotmail.com they look great bro!