24 hrs older. again

I did my first solo 24hr race, and it was great

(although I will not do another one solo, it was a great personal goal, but I really missed hanging out with the other guys, I will be on a team from now on)

the laps were 12.5km, very rocky and technical, lots of climbing, 1100ft per lap I think they said.

I set a goal of 6 laps (I was able to get 4 laps on a team last year)

Nathan Hoover kindly told me that wasn’t enough

So I pushed myself more and did 7!

But amongst all the cheering unicyclists shouting the great to hear praise and encouragement at the end, Nathan said ‘Hey Brian, you still have two hours’

Having taken around 1.5-2 hours per lap already on my 24", and knowing that a back to back final set (besides my first 2 laps, i would only do a lap at a time, with a eating (or two sets of 3 hr sleeps)) I knew I could not do it in time, unless I used a 29". You can use mine, Nathan happily said. :frowning:

So I got in the last lap, and I was very impressed with the 29’, I rode over sections on my last lap that I had walked over 7 times before. I would fall off at even the slightest dip in the trail, and go flying. The 29r helped me go over those. (well, many f them) I got my last lap in 10 mins before the end of the race…14 mins before Vince Lemay got in his last lap! :frowning:

Being solo, I didn’t really follow the other teams’ progress, but I’m sure they will discuss it.

Funniest ‘I’m too tired incedent’? On my 8th lap, with Nathan’s speed machine, I reached out to a tree to do the ‘grab a tree and fling around a switchback’ trick, but instead did the ‘reach out and touch a tree with weak tired arms and continue to fly straight into another tree’ trick. I’m not sure what skill level this is in.

All in all, I had an incredible weekend, but hanging out with the other guys would have been more fun. I barely got to talk to thedan at all :frowning:

Another personal goal? I got to drink beer with Kris Holm :slight_smile:

Congrats on the solo, well done.

Wow, congratulations! That’s a great effort. I think I’m about to chicken out on ‘The Hidden Vale Epic’ which is a 100km race in September. I went for a muni ride last weekend and realised how horribly unfit I am and how little I enjoy hill climbing. :slight_smile:

12hr’s and 24hr’s are fun though…they’ve usually got some fun technical bits and you get to rest every now and then. They’re especially fun in teams as you know.

Can we see some photos? Did you film (or have filmed) the event for future unicycle films?


Way to go, Rider-Formerly-Known-As-Sofa. That’s a lot of climbing per lap!

Thanks guys,

I took my camera out on one lap (and got little footage) and Hell-On-Wheel and Owen Kirby did some filming, but I haven’t got around to watching the footage yet. Hopefully it will make a nice special feature (as the main feature is going to be pro-quality film)

morning after update: my shoulders are a little stiff, and my dominant leg is also a little stiff at the knee (my left leg isn’t sore at all, obviously the dominant one works a lot harder, I should try to even out the load when I ride hard)

Hey, well done Brian.

Welcome to the club :sunglasses:


Don’t you dare chicken or I’ll Quack!

I’ve almost confirmed my leave, so will more than likely be able to make it over to Brisbane. Seeya there!


Ha ha Andrew, you’re in and you ain’t getting out! :smiley:

Yeah, he’s stuck with 100km of pure agony…

Wow, that sounds like a fun yet hard ride, Brian! I don’t think I could do it, or at least not till I’m older. I might have some motivation, though, because afterwards KH and I could drink Bawls! :smiley:

Re: 24 hrs older. again

congrats on the solo!!

i’m jealous