"24 Hrs of Adrenaline" & "Team Where's Your Other Wheel"

Howdy all!
A couple of us are going to do the “24 Hours of Adrenaline” mountain bike race at Laguna Seca this year (well, hopefully!).

We are looking for a few more riders.

The race is on 2005-05-14, in Laguna Seca - Monterey, CA.
Info is at: http://www.24hoursofadrenaline.com/

It costs money to enter (like $1000 for a 6-10 person team), and we need at least 5 people and at most 10 (but 7 would be ideal). The entry fee will be dividied up amoung the people who enter, unless I can get some sponsers.

“Team Where’s Your Other Wheel” started a few weeks ago on a muni ride when Mike, Chris and I were talking about the 24 hours race and decided we wanted to do it.

So far, we have: Mike Scalisi, Chris LaBonte (sp), Rob Bowman, myself, and potentially Tom Holub. So, that’s 4 people for sure.

I’m also applying for sponsers & grants. Currently, I sent some info off to Balance Bar, but if anyone else has good sponser ideas, let me know!! If I can get some grants, it would hopefully offset the cost.

Anyone interested?

Email/respond to the thread,
cd AT bluetreesoft DOT com

More info: The course is about 10.45 miles long, and I hear unicycles on Cokers or 29ers get about 14 laps total in. That’s about 2 laps per person, for a 7 person team. 3 laps is possible with a smaller team, but it is tough, from what i hear.

Regarding grants, I already looked into Clif Bar and their sponser/grants are closed for the season.

We got Rob? Awesome!

We could try hitting uni.com