24 Hr. replacement

I wrecked my truck Saturday and thus can no longer drive up to Canada to participate in the “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous 24 Hour Race” on May 21-22. I’ve already paid for my spot on a 5 person uni team ($150 CAD/$123 USD).

So you can guess why I’m posting. Would anyone be willing to either:

A. Buy me a plane ticket to Toronto.

B. “Buy” my spot and race in my place. I’m willing to sell it for less than the full fee.

Info on the race is at http://www.wowmtb.com/. Click on “events”.

PM me and/or Brian MacKenzie if you’re interested.


Frank that really sucks. Sorry about that. For anyone else who’s up for it, this is a great opportunity to participate in a unique 24 hour endurance event. Their setup is so cool: a cabin for each team of 5, and a limit of only 22 teams (plus 15 soloists) means that you will never feel crowded by bikers racing much faster than you. We will have 3 teams plus a soloist unicycling this year - a significant percentage of the total.

If you’re at all interested, read this thread from last year’s event


I’ll just bump this once.

is there room on that team for me between my laps?

No need!:smiley:

After much thought and deliberation, I’ve decided to turn lemons into lemonade and simply live without a car for a while. I was taking my Comm law exam, dreading the rise of my insurance premium, when it struck me, no truck=no insurance=no gas ($45 to fill the tank last time)=no parking tickets=no life-threatening crashes=no friends asking if I’ll transport their furniture.

To celebrate my new freedom, I’m using the dough from my totalled truck to buy - not another 1 ton ball-and-chain - but a roundtrip flight to Toronto!

I realize this may seem like the spontaneous and irrational decision of a sleep-deprived college student during exam week. But I’ve actually been considering saying farewell to car culture for a while now, this just gives me a good excuse to follow through with it.

So, um, that said…can someone give me a ride from Toronto to Mansfield?


I bet spickydoo would be happy to (I am already filled with passengers)

That’s awesome man

What time does your flight come in? I’ll be working during the day and won’t be able to make it to the airport till about 5:30ish or later depending traffic (which at that time on a friday probably wont be very good) If your willing to wait I’d be happy to come and give you a ride. Just PM me the details of your arrival times and flight # and I’ll come get you.

Congratulations on your decision. I’ve considered the carless lifestyle for a while too. …although I hope I can get there without wrecking my truck.