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Well, we got back from the 24 hour relay, tired and happy. Why happy? Well, out of 24 5 man bike teams (and our 4 man uni team), and 15 solo riders…

We beat 3 teams of 5, and 6 Solo riders :slight_smile:

The laps were 11.6 Km’s long, and we pulled off 14. This was very hilly, twisty terrain, quite tiring. Ryan gor the only sub-one hour lap with 59 minutes and change. This was on his 24x3/170’s

I used my 24x3 for the first lap, then used the Coker/170’s for the last 3. My time was only improved by a few minutes (1 hour 4 minutes, compared to my 24x3 lap of 1 hour 14 minutes…with about 5-8 of those minutes working on a mechanical…nut fell off…of the uni) The Coker proved to be quite a tough chore, with my last lap at night resulting in around 1 hour 20 minutes (give or take) by this time, I was simply falling over without any notice, or starting a mount directly into a 45 degree turn into the bush, yadda yadda yadda.

Andrew pulled off 2 laps, despite having wrenched his knee on wednesday, good work Andrew, lots of dedication!

Rich was there too, but I can’t think of anything about his laps…feel free to add something, Rich

The race was great, the cabins and showers were a fantastic addition, and I doubt I’ll do another 24 race that doesn’t have them…it just makes the whole weekend WAY more enjoyable.

Here’s a clip of me riding the Coker with one crank at 170, and the other at 102mm. Check out the ghost ride at the end, and you can see why one should be confident in their Cokering abilities before heading out into public. Not a drop of beer spilled, though! The clip is 8 MB. It’s weird, after the first few pedal strokes, this crank combo felt suprisingly normal.

As always, we got a fanstastic reception. But when surrounded by a whole bunch of MTB racing weiners, the circus/clown questions are soon replaced with the just as annoying ‘Can you get suspendion on that thing?’ closely followed by the, ‘Hey, can you use clipless pedals on that thing?’

Anyways, here’s some pics from my camera, I’ll add Ryan’s when he gets them to me.

All in all, it was a great time.


Great work guys! That’s good to know that on a hilly technical course like that a 24" can almost keep up with a coker.

Do you know how many kilometers you ended up doing?


We ended up doing 162.4 Km’s total.

Ryan also had a lap in there on his 29"/127’s. It also took him as long as on his 24x3.

And the coker/24 comparison…using me, and not bionic Ryan as a subject…On the Coker, my time was roughly 5 minutes faster than my 24x3 time. Remember that this is after I was already tired from doing the first lap. It was close though.

I walked up the same hills on my 24 as on the Coker that I didn’t want to burn myself out on.
So it was basically on the ups and in the twisties, the Coker and 24 were the same speed. On the flats and downhills, no comparisson.

I did get the the taco-spring-untaco sensation on the Coker though!

Fantastic job, guys! sniff

Way to go, Brian. And now you OWN it.

Fantastic job guys!!! Great pics too! Thanks for the report.


P.S. Loved the clip of Coker-bowling – good thing you were in the middle of that field.

It was a great race and an awesome course. There was about 50’ of flat and the rest was twisty singletrack with a heck of a lot of climbing.
I rode my 24" with my tiny 2.6" Gazz. A good set up for the course but next time maybe a 3.0" or go to a 26" with a 3.0" Michelin or Gazz. Lots of cushion in the tire would help over roots and stuff.

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Great job on the 24 hours!

Those questions are pretty common, aren’t they? I guess we should add them to our “master list of common unicycling questions” and come up with some fun comebacks. Here are some starters:

“Can you get suspension on that thing?”

  • Yeah; suspension of disbelief!
  • I need suspension for my family jewels.
  • Yes, ride it through the halls at school and it’s only a matter of time!

“Can you use clipless pedals on that thing?”

  • Sure. It’s your nose.
  • I prefer being able to land on my feet.

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Another great report of an insane 24 hr. Good work!

On Sun, 18 May 2003 22:12:03 -0500, Sofa
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>of me riding the Coker with one crank at 170, and the other at 102mm.

Maybe the answer is hidden in the video which (being on dial-up) I
haven’t downloaded, but why the different lengths?

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The race was awesome. I had a blast. I would have had a more enjoyable time, had we known earlier that we could turn the heat off in out Tee-Pee. ARGHH.
Anyways, the only injury sustained was falling off the coker with 102s at around 35 km/h, and that was the only time i wasn’t weaaring pads, but what are you going to do about it?

As far as the laps go, to the best of my memory, here they are:

lap 1: 1:12 Brian (24X3 158mm)
lap 2: 1:22 Rich (24X3 152mm - same for rest of the race)
lap 3: 0:59 Ryan (24X3 170mm)
lap 4: 1:50 Andrew(24X2.6 152mm -same for rest of the race)
lap 5: 1:05 Brian (coker 170mm - same for rest of race)
lap 6: 1:25 Rich
lap 7: 1:01 Ryan (700c x 35 125mm cranks)
lap 8: 1:20? Brian
*** a 3 hour sleep break in here
lap 9: 1:30? Rich
lap 10: 1:13 Ryan (24X3 170mm - same for rest of the race)
*30min break
lap 11: 1:25? Brian
lap 12: 1:09 Ryan
lap 13: 1:42? Andrew
lap 14: 1:18? Rich

Good job to everyone, the photos are being uploaded, and i hope you enjoy them.

As far as the actual racing went, it was awesome. The 28inch unicycle was good, but the tire was too thin. I think if i had 140mm cranks, a brake, and a 29x 2.1" tire in there, i could have gotten at least one ~53min lap, that would have been the ideal unicycle for me. The 24 was good, i think on my first lap, i have 2 dismounts, so i obviously wasn’t puching myself hard enough, right? hehe, my times were close between the 29 and the 24, so i thought it was more fun to fall less, and went for the 24 for the rest of the race.

Anyways, next year, i think with that better unicycle described above, and the full 5-man team, sans cripple (sans means without), i think a good goal would be 18 laps. or how about solo :smiley: ha! that’s laughable!

enjoy the photos!


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Well, Klaas, my son, there comes a time between laps when you aren’t tired enough to sleep yet, and you grow quite bored.

Ryan had the 102’s on, and before the complete switch, we figured this could be a 2 speed coker. One foot ride the 102 for speed, and the left for torque!

I like the picture with all the bikes and the one unicycle upside down at the start of the race. They’re going to have to rethink that when more unicycles start showing up. Unicycles don’t stand up on their own. :slight_smile:

Those fast lap times on the 24x3 with 170 cranks are impressive. I’m soooo sloooow on my muni with 170 cranks. On group rides I’m usually at the back of the pack. I need to start working on my speed.


some of those phots ae reapeating… about the 41-46 area good shots though.

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Oh yeah that makes some sense as a fun thing. But what to think about that ‘my son’? Agewise I could be your father!

Klaas Bil

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Yes, but in time spent multi length cranking, you are a mere infant


Well done guys :stuck_out_tongue:

Log cabins I am so envious!