24 Hours of Snowshoe

Its coming in two weeks! We are allowed to set up our own sections, and when the bikers arent going, use the biking sections. Is anybody interested in this? Part of the Hell On Wheel gang is going, but it would be nice if more people went.

Oy, I can go John

What is this? I’m not sure what the deal is? Is it a 24 hour bike race you want to enter in, or is it a bike convention where we can use the facilities?

Snowshoe is a ski resort in Pennsylvania, right? Riding dry ski-slopes is pretty cool. We did that outside of Seattle last summer for UNICON.

The main event is a 24 hour mtb race, but I don’t think anyone (at least from the HoW gang) is planning to compete in it. We’re planning to do the trials event that’s also going on that weekend. There’s a link to their webpage in John’s previous thread about it. Hope you can make it, it’s probably just an hour or two drive from Fairfax. If you’re not into trials (I’m more of a muni person myself), I’m sure there’s gonna be plenty of trails and ski slopes to just have fun on. Looks like there’s 4 or 5 of us going so far.