24 Hours of Big Bear Lake, WV

Below is post I made to a biketrials forum. It is in West Virginia…but only like an hour and a half from Baltimore. Anyway… if anyone is interested in organizing uni guys. let me know… think it would be alot of fun! One UNI guy actually competed in the 24 hour race…sick!

Title: 24 Hours of Big Bear Lake, WV

Saturday, June 9th 2007

Event times: 8am-11am beginner/sport. 1:30pm-4pm expert/pro.

Entry fee is $38. Includes bunnyhop comp, should you choose to enter tha
about: Celebrating 8 years of cooperation with Granny Gear Productions (king of the 24 hour endurance races!, see grannygear.com). NATS/Granny Gear trials events have hosted the top riders of trials over the years, and this year is no exception! Beginner/sport riders to compete in morning, allowing them to watch the expert/pros in afternoon. As in years past, unicycle guys are always welcome (you are insane, you know that don’t you!).

Directions: Can be found on www.grannygear.com

Accomodations: Morgantown (about 30 minites away) http://www.tourmorgantown.com/lodging.php
Camping right at Big Bear Lake http://www.bigbearwv.com/

Something fun to be added to this years festivities will be bunny hop/skills comp (open to bike and uni guys) at 6pm near start/finish area! This will be alot of fun…and I’ll throw in something for the winner.

As usual, we always need volunteers! Specially for beginner and pro catagories. Soda or water and a sandwich will be provided to those who help us out in this area. Help a begginner get a feel for the sport, or keep a PRO on line! Trials competitions are only as good as the people who help make it happen.

contact> Tim Williamson, tim@trialsin.com