24 Hour Unicycling World Record

New world record for cumulative mileage in 24 hours!

That’s a misleading statement.

From the article:

The claim that a six year old can pedal 20 km and be a world record holder is a bit far fetched if you ask me…

Are you having difficulty believing the 6 year old did 20k?

Its pretty easy to claim a new record for something that nobody has bothered to report before. If I were part of that ride I would not be bringing up any so called records since there have been plenty of other rides with more combined mileage.

Think marathon races and RTL.

Wow. I’m more inclined to say “Congratulations on a huge achievement in distance ridden for charity!” It was a fundraiser. I hope they raised a lot of funds considering the huge number of kilometers ridden.

Also it says the event was “independently adjudicated by the International Unicycling Federation” What were the details of that?

Anyway, sounds like quite a large event for unicycling around a track, and your group has set a mark that will be quite difficult to surpass!

Thanks for your comments John. It was a great event (despite the rain)

The quote about it being “independently adjudicated” we have no idea where they got that info from! Thats the press for you…

Here is the amazing 6 year old who has only been riding 2 weeks!

Its a great achievment and of course a nice media coverage and very nice fundraising!

But its not a world record… here in Germany we have an anual 24h race in Pocking.
Last year the 109 riders covered 7188,80km - Website is only in german: http://24h-einrad.jimdo.com/

You can see the individual results here: http://24h-einrad.jimdo.com/ergebnisse/ (first download link)

See Helen Skelton

Well done JUST! Sounds like a fun event and a great result, congratulations.

As for records, they are only as much a ‘record’ as the accreditation achieved. Otherwise anyone can claim what they like, and every reader has to make their own judgement.

If JUST haven’t really done this to some IUF standard, and it was just the over-enthusiastic press then the following is moot and there would seem to be no accredited record held by anyone…

I hadn’t heard of the German event in Pocking before, but it sounds impressive and very cool. I have no doubt that they achieved 7188.8km in similar formulation to the JUST event, being obviously a lot more than 2742.5km by JUST. But if JUST accredit theirs with IUF or Guinness as the largest event of its kind that has been accredited then they have every right to claim the world record until anyone else submits a better one.

I’d suggest that if any event wants to claim world record status then they should submit the required evidence to IUF or Guinness. Unless they do that then a record is held by whoever else has done so (however strange it may sound to those who are happy to accept the veracity of events on their own evidence).