24 hour race

This May, I will again be attending the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, 24 hour race. Last year, I trained fairly hard for it, and I plan to do the same this year. I was hoping that some of you may have some tips to offer me, or anyone else planning to enter a 24 hour race. Or, even if you’d just like to share some experiences you’ve had with 24 hour races.


I’ve done the Lifestyles race twice (or was it 3 times?) Anyway, the course is similar to lots of 24 hour races, relatively short with no huge climbs. It’s twisty single track the whole way, relatively fast (non-technical). But it is not flat - you’re usually climbing or descending. So it basically comes down to your skill and turning the pedals fast, for what feels like a long time (approx 60 min/lap). It is basically a mental challenge to stay at 90+% of your heartrate for all that time, keeping the speed up to just below where you would crash or aerobically die. Never stop to rest and try to never fall. Get off and run on uphills where it is more efficient.

I always think that the best training for a race like this is long fast cross country Muni rides, but it’s also true that biking or any other aerobic sport will help too. Just get out there and ride alot. Train on the cycle you’ll race on. Don’t forget to do some night riding as you’re certain to get 1-2 night laps. Those are a blast if you’re prepared and have a good lighting system. My favorite lap is the one where it becomes light - try to get that one.

Wish I was joining you guys this year. It is a fantastic race.