24 hour race this weekend, one rider needed

due to unforeseen circumstances, adam (justonewheel) can’t make it. anyone want his spot?

i know it’s late notice, but here’s where we are…

*** BUMP ***

Sad to read that.

So does someone want to have a great unicyling weekend?

gregg is out now too due to injury, so we have 8 people, so it’s all good. team Can will have to have a rider ride with team usa, but with 4 riders each team, we will get a chance to ride more

Sorry guys, I tried my best to be there in spite of my condition. I’ll catch you next year.

Does the spot come with a plane ticket? :wink:

Last call?

nah, it’s perfect with 4 teams, it would have to be two more guys or none

I’m anxious to read about last weekends race especially since I couldn’t be there. Please…please…please, fill us in on all the details.

it was ok.

team canada slept through the night :frowning: (my fault)

it was nice seeing everyone though

i had such bad cramps on my first lap i had to take a dump in the woods and it was a flawless victory on my part, that was nice

Results are posted at this link.

Team USA did 11 laps and Team Canada did 8 laps, mostly because they all got some sleep. And Team USA had Owen (MurdeMental) from Montreal, so we weren’t exactly TeamUSA. Vince from Montreal (on TeamCanada) rode the hell out his coker, doing a 1:02 lap his first time around. If you look at the results posted above you can see how sick that is, as it’s faster than many of the MTBers’ laps.

Roland posted a 1:13 and my best was a 1:32. It was way fun, but for the full writeup and photos, you may have to wait for the next issue of UNI magazine. :smiley:

and then there was the time i told roland that steve wanted to see him in the cabin, but steve was inside changing.

dang, i’m laughing as hard typing this as i was when it actually happened :smiley:

We were laughing about it on the ride home to Albany, too.

Roland: “You wanted to see me?”
Me: “No - Brian’s a scumbag, that’s what’s happening!”

Still makes me laugh, too, and I was the “butt” of the joke.

My brief summary of the 8th Lifestyles of the rich & famous 24h race

  • Arrival on the site around 1 o'clock saturday morning. As usual, unicyclists are still up and chilling by the camp fire while mtbers are resting quietly. :sunglasses:
  • My ''annual english practice'' start hard by speaking with the crazy ontario guy (aka brian) who were around the said campfire for a while.;)
  • Eating one goood mango just after waking up sat' morning.:)
  • On the first lap, Roland did a great run for team usa. Tim is nowhere in sight... he came 40min later, a crank and a piece of hub in his hand. :astonished:
  • Discovering the course on my first lap leads to a smile on my face! (well except on a few steep climbs!!)Almost each turn have a berm so it's duper fun and keep the speed of the 36er.
  • Weather on saturday was awesomely sunny.
  • Night laps are always a special experience with lots of UPDs.
  • Having a good night of sleep on a 24h race is luxury I can afford.:D
  • Sunday was rainy and cold. But the course was still great to ride!
  • Jason (Brian's bro) leaving once again before the end of the 24h. :roll_eyes:
  • Lots of respect from the mtbers through the whole weekend.
  • Seeing all of you there was the greatest part of it!:)

it was also very cool being announced by the organizer and the organizer saying something alongs of 'so you want to feel bad? the fastest unicylist was 1:02) (vince)

PS, everyone…Mike the organizer contacted me saying he wants to see an offical Team USA - Team Can next year and will be in the prize draw for things the winners got this year like camelbacks and tirepumps etc, whatever the sponsors ciontribute, i suppose.

This announcement was followed by a loud “Whoa!” from all the MTBers, as it was a faster lap than many bike laps.

Way cool.

now if we can somehow get all the yanks to show up…

Yanks?!? I don’t follow baseball but I doubt they’re in good enough shape for that race.

that’s canadian for american