24 Hour Race in May (Ontario) One spot open

Hey everyone, there is a spot available for the 24 hours of the rich and famous race in Mansfield, a little North of Toronto.

There are only 25 teams allowed at this event, and us unicyclists have 3 of those teams!

There is now a spot available on Team One. Spot is not garunteed until I recieve the payment of $150cdn. (Email me before you paypal, so I can verify the spot’s availability)

brianandleeanne at sympatico dot ca

edit: link to event


Thanks Mike, I’m pretty sure we have our 5th rider, I’m just waiting on his confirmation email, and there is a forum user in line behind him.

Or it just might be Mrs Sofa!


Hmm… Do two Sofas make a Luv Seet? :wink:

Give us a few years, then the team will also have all our little ottomans (ottomen?) riding with us :smiley:

I think it’s “oddamins”.

Or the Sofa kids could turn out to be “Recliners”, and just watch from the sidelines. :smiley: --chirokid–

The last team spot has now been filled by a 3rd LUC member, Waldo.

See you at the races!

Who the hell is waldo?!?

No offence I just dont know you. Welcome to the team.


He’s a rider, not a poster

Good enough I guess, I’ll meet him eventually. Is the LUC going to be represented at Toque in a few weeks( specifically team one(awesome))?

I think there will be 4 or 5 of us going, some for the whole weekend, some, like me, only for saturday

I don’t think you’ll get to meet the other 2 guys till the race though