24 hour distance record


I look forward to seeing the first unicyclist wearing a time trial aero helmet. :slight_smile:


Sky Horne reports riding 220 miles in one day on his blog:


That works out to 354 Km. Is that a new record for a road ride? :astonished:


Hmmm, not sure. If you start at, say, 2000 m of elevation and end at sea level, then even on a course of 450 km gravity plays a significant role. Although I would agree that tailwind advantage would me more significant on a course length like that.

Definitely! He sounds like he’s having a great adventure. From the sound of it this is a huge jump in the totally unofficial self-supported touring distance record. Previously I believe it was held by Dave Cox who, while going across Canada, did something like 180km one day. The most I’ve done is a mid-tour century, 160km, in New Zealand this year, and that was the hardest century I’ve done.

Congratulations Sky! Keep going…