24" Hoggy G

I ordered a Hoggy G from a local bike shop a few weeks ago and it came in yesterday. I promptly mounted it and tried it out. As has been discussed before, the claimed width of 3.45 is an exaggeration. It is narrower than the 3.0 Fireball.

The main difference between the Hoggy and the Fireball is the round profile. It looks like a huge slick balloon tire. The tire has loads of bounce and the sidewalls seem a bit thicker than the Fireball. It is a slick tread with no pattern at all on the main rolling surface. It corners and spins better too.

So far I like it better and the retail price is only 29.95.

  • Frank

smaller than the F-Ball,but is it wider than the Hookwerm?

How is it for doing jumps and drops compared to the Fireball? How much tire pressure does it need to keep from folding over when doing side hops and does that amount of tire pressure affect it’s jumping?

Are you going to be at nationals in Minnesota, and are you going to bring that tire?

what are the ups and downs of the rounder profile?

Please…just the comparission between the Hoggy-G vs Fireball, not what people assume they think would be the difference.

I think Tommy’s got one- maybe he’ll chime in. The Hookworm is round as can be, making it awfully tipsy. Same here?


I’ll try to answer things as best as I can. I haven’t had any time to do anymore riding and I probably won’t till late tomorrow.


The Fireball measures 2-3/4" at it’s widest point which is near the top, where the flat tread makes what is nearly a right angle to the sidewalls.

 The Hoggy measures 2-5/8" at it's widest piont but that is at the centerline of the sidewall.

This lets it fit a somewhat narrower frame than you would need to fit a Fireball. I have an old Concord frame like you had and the Fireball won’t fit. The Hoggy does.

The hookworn is rounder than the Hoggy. The Hoggy has a “flattish” section of slick tread then it rounds off to the side walls. Not as tippy, it’s a different compound and feels “sticky”.


I didn’t check the pressure but I don’t think you’ll need as much as a Fireball to prevent fold over, the sidewalls are supple but not paper thin like the Fireball. I really don’t spend too much time doing trials so, I’m not all that good at it. He doesn’t know it yet but, I’m going to lend it to Adam (AccordNSX) to give it a good trials trial. He’s does some big dropping and gapping in an urban setting and he’ll give a much better evaluatuion of how it performs than i could. We’ll check pressures.
Regrettably I won’t be making it up to the Nationals.


I don’t know if you have ridden a Fireball but when turning with a Fireball, it drops off when you lean past the flame tread, you adjust to this but this sensation isn’t there with the Hoggy. It’s kind of like the difference between the Gazz and a Duro Leopard.

I just happened to pass a bike shop and I saw a 3G chopper displayed out front. I stoped in and ordered the tire. It took nearly three weeks for it to arrive but they can be had, you just need to find a dealer.

Hope this helps…

  • Frank

Franky, say good-bye to the Hog; Adam will surely mistake the G for the spare on his emasculated SUV. Ahh, it was sweet while it lasted. Taken down by an Element, sad, 'dat.