24 Guni Muni


A mountain biker caught this video of me with his helmet-mounted GoPro. Riding is all done in high gear on my 24 guni. Love this perspective.

Nice one Andy- looks like a nice fast trail for some sweet guni action. It was good to see you popping of that little rock ledge and grinding the climbs in high too. You still on 150s? considered trying anything a bit shorter?

Most of my trails here are a bit more technical and require more frequent shifting- how do you go with the quick changes?

Jamey mossengren (unishowpro) and Rob Obrien (dragonfly) and I are meeting for a ride this week on our G26ers. I’ll try to get some footage of our rides here and post it.

Keep it up,

I liked the ride and I like the trail… it would be nice to have something like this in the area.
And I have to find a biker for some footage :wink:

This trail is my favorite for guni. It is one of the few trails in the area with long relatively smooth sections. There are lots of rocky bits too. I am finding that I can ride up a lot of short steep sections using momentum in high now that I used to shift down for.

After 2 years of gmuni, I am getting more comfortable with popping air off of things, and going over, off rocks. I might have to get my camera and tripod out for some more footage.

I am back to riding 150s. I tried the 125s for awhile, but I had too many accidental shifts, and was actually slower on the tech stuff. The 150s are starting to feel a bit long in some situations, but appreciated in others. I am thinking about giving 137s a try.

The discontinuity at 1:21 is where I went through a deep gulley and the MT biker got stuck and had to catch up. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, and thanks to Scott “the MT Biker” for shooting, producing and posting this video. I just rode in the morning and voila a video shows up that evening - sweet!

Awesome! I want to ride there… NOW! :smiley: Looks like the perfect trail for geared muni.

And nice hop over that rock. You only know how difficult that is if you have tried it with a guni.

Yes, this trail was made for guni! Most of this is filmed on a well known section of trail called the Chutes. I used to make 3 shifts to low to get through it. Now I can do it with one! Momentum is your friend!


very cool! perfect for the guni and from that perspective you can really see the speed. i need a biker-cameraman too :slight_smile:

Yes, the biker-cam, an accessory every POV camera should come with! :smiley:


Wow! Looks like a great trail. Where exactly is it located? Might have to try it soon. :sunglasses: Also would a 29 be able to keep up with you guni?
Very nice of that biker to shoot that and post it. Certainly not one of those, “I am much to dignified to stoop slow enough to follow a unicycle.”

sweet riding, nice smooth trails, but high penalty for a fast upd, with all the cacti around! I’m discovering a number of good fast trails for my 26"guni muni here in Raleigh.

@Rolandisimo - My shoes and shin guards always end up full of spines. Full finger gloves are a must. :astonished:

@MP_Uni - This is 50 year trail. The trailhead is at the end of Golder Ranch Rd. Check out this link: http://www.sdmb.org/trails/golder-ranch I used to ride this all the time on my 29er. As far as keeping up, wellll… How fast are you!


That looks like way too much fun!!! Love the rollin cam on a bike… Smooth! Do you have any idea what your average speed is on that thing?

Yes, Guni makes XC fun!

Average speed is a tough question to answer. I did not have my GPS watch this time, but based on past data, the faster bits in this vid are probably in the 10 to 14 mph range.

bump - just to have 2 muni guni videos at the top of the list :slight_smile: