24" GB4 Large Marge w/maguras on ebay

In case anybody’s interested:



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if anyone is bidding on these, a brake line fix is only like $20 at any bike shop, and that would include the oil and hoses (unless it’s the unlikely event of actual hardware damage) it’s most likely the fitting wasn’t properly tightened

This a deal only because the brakes come with it. Otherwise the cutting edge Large Marge rig is a KH 24 Freeride frame with Scott Wallis adapters for the Magura (40 bucks) and a Profile wheelset (the Profile crank arms are less likely to bend than the KH’s). It’s taken us awhile (and some rather expensive trial and error experimenting with various combos of parts) to arrive at this configuation, so I thought I’d pass it along to all those interestd in LM Munis.


Yeah except you can’t get the endomorph tyre in to a Kh frame, whereas the GB4 frame was designed specifically to fit around it.

so your going to start talking trash eh?

there is much more to it than just “the Brakes”

  1. its white.
  2. its steel, American Steel.
  3. its made in America
  4. when the 24" Endomorph comes out, this will fit it…
  5. long seat tube, unlike the “shaved for weight” puny KH frame seat tube.
    5)no need for brake adapters
  6. the tyre will not rub the sides of the frame while climbing like my kh frame did with the LM rim set up.
  7. yeah, it is a bit heavier…so what.

i feel lame selling this at all but life at the moment dictates this and many other non-related things must go. its a great frame and very differant than a KH in many ways…most are better ways.

GB$ 24 bare1.jpg

Haven’t had that problem here. Were you using a Gazz?

Sweet frame, sorry you gotta sell.

No trash intended. It’s just that your frame is not widely available or available at all (to my knowledge), so heretofore that ruled out ever getting one. If we would have had access to one of your frames we would have tried that out as well, seeming that we’ve tried everything else. Seems as though I actually looked into getting one but was told they were no longer being made–could be wrong.

Too bad there aren’t as many Muni riders as climbers–the latter sport has tons of great gear.


sounds like your mistaking me for G. Barnes IV, which i am not.

I am not on ebay (yet).
Would you ship to Australia?
My email address is at


no, sorry…and if i did there are 3 German eBayers ahead of you that contacted me with the same Q but yeah, i block bidding from countries other than the USA because of payment hassle and a long drawn out expiereance with a Thailand bidder about 6 months ago.

dont let that discourage you from getting an eBay acct. its truly a break-through in trade commerce.



I am thinking of getting a KH 29" frame and cutting it at the appropriate angles and getting it re welded. I have the fitting skills and can get it welded. Would this work? I also am planning a “Nimbus 24” 5’ Giraffe"

Then maybe… hmmmm. I love those Large Marges

Ha! That’s funny!