24" freestyle cranks

Now that my MUni is on its way, I’m planning to make my 24" Torker LX more freestyle friendly. It came with 150mm cranks, and they seem noticeably long for freestyle skills. What crank length is recommended for freestyle on a 24"?

the norm is 125’s on a 20in wheel so i would think like 140’s

I’m putting 114s on my 24" for puttering around town, but that’s probably as short as you’d want to go… although shorter cranks are available. I know my 152s are kind of long for flatland riding, even with the knobby tire. I figure when I throw on a rounded slick tire, I’ll be able to handle shorter cranks, and get around with less effort.

125s is a little long for 20". Though I used it for years, I think most of the top riders today are using cranks in the 102 range (including me)

I think 125 is good for Freesytle, or even 140. It depends how much leverage you want. Shorter cranks make for smoother riding and better spins, but less leverage. Longer cranks make the “power” tricks easier, such as side ride, unispins, and some one-footed stuff.

I would start with 125 and take it from there, as 125 is also a decent size for cruising, and the legal size for racing (if you care).