24'' frame with 20'' wheel... a 24'' 20er

I’ve been pondering about the loss of my trials abilities on my freestyle uni and I figured maybe what I could do is Get a new 19’’ rim with a trials tire and put that on my 24’’ frame. Has anybody in the fora tried this and does it have any disadvantages?

Yep you can do it no problem, infact many people have done it due to various reasons such as breaking 20" frames, or not being able to afford a seperate frame for their 20". The only real difference is that the 24" frame will weigh a bit more and it will make doing freestyle moves a bit more difficult on the trials, but since you already have a freestyle uni then its not a huge deal.

since the crown would be somewhat higher does that hit your knees at all?

I’m experimenting with all kinds of frames atm, I’ve tried a 24" KH frame on my trials uni, it doesn’t hit your knees at all, the KH frame was actually lighter than my CrMo Qu-Ax frame, wheel-walk becomes somewhat of a difficulty and one-footed is slightly cramped, but if you’re doing trials on it that is really ok. Street, still ok, freestyle, wouldn’t recommend it.

ya I would only do trials on it.