24" Frame Dimensions?

Alright. Some may wonder why I continue myframe building projects despite the release of a new, great frame. I don’t know why, other than my frames will be individual and cool. But anyways, this isn’t a thread about that.

I am working on drawing the plans for my muni frame right now, and I need to know the distance from the edge of a 40mm bearing to the center of a DX-32 rim. Either that dimension or the distance from the center of the wheel to the center of the rim. I think I can handle adding 20 mm… OR, the distance that the KH or other frames use for the mounts.

Also, does anyone know the ACTUAL width of a 24" gazz? That and the ACTUAL radius of it. I’m not sure of these two measurements, so I need to know. I was thinking of 3/8" clearance on the sides and 1/2" or more on the top. Does anyone have any experience in this that they can share?

One last thing. I have to know the diameter of the part of the magura brake that is clamped to the frame. There’s a little split rubber waher thingy on each brake part, and I don’t know if I want to remove tht for the mounting.


Don’t have time to check now, but I have dimensions here for a couple of different 24" frames and the 3" Gazz. I also made a few big threads during my framebuilding experiences.

I’m going to get a new frame made up for my muni soon…almost ideantical to my old one but with a minimum of 10mm clearance either side of a Gazz instead of the current 2mm on one side and 0mm on the other (it’s a long story but it wasn’t meant to be this way).

I’ll get back to you (in this thread) about those dimensions.


Gazz dimensions

I have a 24" Gazz inflated to 20 psi on a Sun Doublewide rim. It measures 70.5 mm in width, and the radius is almost exactly 13", meaning of course that it has a true 26" diameter.

Cool, thanks. That’s just what I needed. That or a dial or digitap calipers. I’d still accept other measurements, though, since you can never have too many. I’m glad you gave the rim because the doublewide is about as wide as it’ll get.

24x3" Gazz on and Alex DX-32 rim, approx 20 psi - 71.5mm
Radius of 24x3" Gazz, same conditions - 326mm
Edge of 40mm bearings to inner surface of DX-32 rim - 232mm (note this is the linear, not angled dimension which I think is what you were looking for).

As I said, I’m going for 10mm minimum clearance each side of the Gazz. Personally I like to have about an inch above the tyre as opposed to your half inch…but that’s partly just an asthetics thing.

Can you please describe the part you’re asking about in your last question…I couldn’t quite picture it.

Unfortunately I couldn’t track down the old dimensions I had for standard frames, sorry. Mine is one from Gary of unicycles.com.au . The one I’m getting made for me now (very soon at least) will be identical to my old (not current) muni frame with a few minor modifications…can’t wait.

Any other dimensions needed?


The KH, Onza, unicycle.com wide flange hub, unicycle.com std hub, QuAx hub and many of the cheaper hubs from Taiwan have a standard dimension of 100mm bearing centres.

I have CAD drawings of most of these if you need them? One of the problems with frame design is actually the clearance between the frame and spokes at the bearing holder and top of the bearing holder and the cranks.


That’s handy to know, thanks.

I’m not worrying about clearance between the cranks and frame. The frame will essentially flush with the bearings, and the bearing holders are just pressed steel, until I decide to machine some nice aluminum ones. I am using a profile hub and cranks (with nub, although I may get one without if I need to).

Roger: I know it’s off-topic, but since it’s my own thread who’s to care. The ERD of the try-all 19" rim is 365mm. Also, I wouldn’t mind having those cad drawings, if you’re willing to send them. Are they DXF? I’d prefer pdf, but whatever works. My e-mail is onewheeler (at) gmail (dot) com

Andrew: I figured it out. The magura brake things where the pad is attached have a shaft where the piston is housed. That shaft looks to be a 7/8" shaft, and the rubber rings are there to expand it to a 1" shaft. I am just wondering if I need to give myself any room for adustment, because if I do I need to do a bit of a redesign on the frame. I am having so little clearance over the tire for gliding, and also because I want a low-profile crown for trials.