24" for trials instead of 20"??

I’m wondering if the 24" size is really the ideal for BOTH muni AND Trials?
I’ve seen so many vids showing both 20" & 24" unis being used for trials
where both riders (young as well) were doing the same high level tricks. It
just seems that a 24" is the best choice (especially for tallere riders)
because where a 24" is the standard for muni, a 20" is too small. So if you
can do both muni and trials with the same size, that’s a big plus, right?
Please correct me if I’m way off base here.

PS: Still looking for riding buddies in the South bay area! (That’s from
Redondo beach, CA, to Venice Beach, CA area.)


for most peopel its a matter of preference and siz e of the person…24" is usually a bit heaver but some peopel like this because you get a better feeling of control. its all a matter of preference in most cases…it should be just fine.

In U1, Kris Holm rides insane trials lines on a 24" MUni. With skill, trials on a MUni is completely reasonable. However, a 20" uni makes learning trials, freestyle, and street much easier, and makes the hardest possible trials lines doable. Realistically, if your idea of trials is hopping on picinic tables seat-then-top, a 24" will be just fine. If you want to push the limits of what is doable on a unicycle, then you should be riding a 20" trials cycle in town, and a 24" on the mountain.