24" for both trials & muni?

I’m wondering if the 24" size is really the ideal for BOTH muni AND Trials?
I’ve seen so many vids showing both 20" & 24" unis being used for trials
where both riders (young as well) were doing the same high level tricks. It
just seems that a 24" is the best choice (especially for tallere riders)
because where a 24" is the standard for muni, a 20" is too small. So if you
can do both muni and trials with the same size, that’s a big plus, right?
Please correct me if I’m way off base here.

PS: Still looking for riding buddies in the South bay area! (That’s from
Redondo beach, CA, to Venice Beach, CA area.)


It could save a lot of money.
I do everything on a 24".
But I think trial on a 24" takes more practice than on a 20" but it’s possible.

Most trials riders use 20", and I guess there is a reason for that.
But a good trials rider could do most of the stuff on both, but a 20" is smaller and lighter, which makes a lot of stuff easier.

If you are only buying one, I would say buy the 24", trials on a 24" is better than MUNI on a 20" (too slow)

When I want my best trials riding to come out, I ride trials on my 19". However, I like to ride trials on my muni, and the only difference is I’m not quite as good at pedalgrabs, and can’t gap or jump quite as high (or far). We’re talking 2-4", so not a major difference.

All around, the 24" is much better. My only major qualm is that the tire pressures I use for muni and trials are completely different. I never bottom out my rim riding trials, because I ride a super stiff tire. In contrast, when I ride trials on my muni ride, the tire pressure is so low that I bottom out the rim on virtually all sidehops.

I’m in San Francisco. There’s a huge riding group in the South Bay (Santa Cruz, San Jose). We have an e-mail list for muni rides. Someone more computer literate than I will see this thread and post a link, I hope.

you can do all sorts of trials on a 24"

but if you are doing trials on a 20" you will be able to get it up higher, more precise, etc.

i had a 20" trials and never really used it, I prefer the trials i can do on my 24", as i like to travel a good distance between trials areas.

i don’t really use my 24" for muni, I use my 36"

24 is my weapon of choice FOR EVERYTHING! I left my 20 about a year ago and havent looked back. I have better flow with muni and street on the 24. Handrails are more stable. It took a little practice but now my hops are just as high as they were on a 20. And now i could keep preaching but you get the point. It’s just a better fit.

At the same time, Almost all the guys i ride with ride 20s (or 19’s, right bev?) and rip! In fact 1 is really good at muniing on a 20.

Its really up to personal preference here. You figure out whats best for you.

(oh and im 6’)

yea get a 24" for sure! I do everything on my Muni, and when i get on a 20" if feels like ill break the thing if i do what im doing on my Muni.

a Muni (KH 24 especially) is perfect for trials and of course Muni

if you want to ride muni get a 24 or 26, for trials you get do a whole lot on a 24. i used to ride plenty of stuff on a 24, the 19 is just better for me. higher more technical stuff is easier on a 19, but if i had to pick just one uni, i’d keep my 24 muni around. i think it’s the most versitile.

can u use a 24 for street?