24 days to Moab!

I just wanted to point out that we only have 24 more days until the Moab MUniFest! And the total is now up to 74 riders. That’s a lot of unicycles!
Just wondering, who is planning on riding the full Slickrock ride this year? I’d like to see who I’ll be riding with (since I chickened out last year).

Im a little confused about this Moab thing, is there one on every2 months or something because theres always pictures and things on the gallerys.


The Moab MUniFest only happens once a year in March. But Moab’s Slickrock is where mountain biking originated (the mountain biking Mecca), and so MUni riders will go down there on their own. Plus, with 68 riders there last year, there were plenty of people taking pictures.

Im hopefully going, I’m under the planned attendees buyt my travel plans seem to be possibly falling apart which is definitly not good.

Re: 24 days to Moab!

I am planning on riding the full loop, and may do some of the Practice Loop on Friday afternoon to see how my son does on the terrain. Haven’t decided yet what his Saturday ride will look like.

Make that 75.

I plan on doing everyting, including slickrock. After downevil, 12 miles doesn’t seem that bad.
As for camping, how cold will it be? Do I need mored than a sleepingbag?

edit: Noone has an extra profile equipped muni they can lend me??? C’mon, people. Someone has to have one.

Re: 24 days to Moab!

I’m tentatively planning on the full loop this year. I’d be pleased if I could ride with you. Will Tron be with you this year?


It will be somewhere between 10 degrees and 40 overnight. Last year it was around 10 degrees, which meant that my trusty 3 season bag rated to 20 degrees was a miserable failure. After a night spent in hypothermic shivering in my tent, I bailed into town. This year I’ve chosen the “pre-bail” option, and won’t be camping at all.

Check the weather forecast or talk to Rolf in the couple days just prior to the event. They’re usually fairly accurate in the 3 to 5 day range for that part of the state. He knew last year two days before that it was going to be COLD to start, but get warmer each day. And that is what happened. I think he might have some pull with the Big Weather Guy too…

Re: Re: 24 days to Moab!

So far, Tron hasn’t committed to it. He’s kind of committed to his fiancee (can you believe it?) But he said that he’s getting the unicycling bug again, so we’ll see how he stands in a couple of weeks. Last year, we didn’t commit until a week before!

I was looking at the calendar, and it looks like Ben Plotkin-Swing’s birthday is going to be on Sunday the 28th! Happy Birthday Ben!
We should do something for him.