24" Custom Muni & 24" Torker CX For Sale!

I am going to buy a new muni this winter and I am selling these two Unicycles To help pay for it… Both are in great condition with no bent/broken, or weak parts, and only miniscule wear on the parts.

Custom 24" Muni:

KH Saddle(Yellow)
Bulletproof BMX Pedals(Yellow
Tioga 24x2.25 Competition III Tire
Yuni 24" Frame
Alex Rim(Black)
Unicycle.com CrMo Hub
Bicycle Euro Cranks
Bell Triple Thick 24x2.175 Slimed Tube
Quick Release Seatpost Clamp.

I am Asking for $200(negotiable) plus shipping. I will ship only to Continental US and Possibly Canada.

These are 3 Semi-Recent(before the good wheelset, and KH saddle) Photos of the Uni, Sorry for Size…

24" Torker CX:

All original(Unbent) Parts,
Torker wheelset tube and tire,
original plastic pedals with only a little wear, and still grippy,
Does not have a saddle.

I am only asking $50(negotiable). I want to get rid of both of these so I will accept any reasonable offers.

You can email me at: Catboy(at)gmail(dot)com, or send me a PM anytime…

bump You know you want’em…

yeah buy his stuff so he can buy my stuff

bump I know you want to buy this awesome uni!

I’m sure you would have posted them if you had them but I’ll ask anyway. Any chance you could post current pics of these unis?

I can’t right now, but in a month or so(If they don’t sell) then I will post current pics. The Muni looks the sames as it does in those three pic’s except it has a black rim, black cranks and a KH saddle. If you are serioulsy interested in buying but wont buy it without current pics then I will find a way to get some, but if you are just browsing then I really don’t want to have to go and buy a new Digicam or borrow one…

I am looking for a 24’ that can withstand jumping and decent dropps. My unicycle is broken and I wither without it. I would need to see pics before I buy it but am seriously interested.

PM me with pics and let me know if the price is negotiable.


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