24" Club - Tyre/Upgrade Recs

I’ve been riding a Club Freestyle 24" like this one since I started unicycling earlier this year. Almost as soon as I could ride more than a few hundred yards consistently, I started thinking about my next uni.

Just like everyone else does.

I was very restrained, though, and decided to wait until I had a better idea what sort of riding I’d be doing, where I would be riding mostly, etc. I’m really glad I did and I certainly haven’t been unduly held back or restricted by the Club (I don’t think), and I’ve taken it on longer cycle path rides and off-road too, and it’s great.

I still want to buy another though, and I’m thinking my preference is heading XC/Muni. I’m having the 24 or 26 or 29 crisis at the moment, but that’s not what this waffle is leading to…

In the meantime, whilst I decide what to get next, I’m going to need to replace the tyre on the Club. It’s worn down somewhat, but I also reckon that a different tyre will help with some of the off-road I’ve been doing, particularly with the winter conditions.

I have no clue about tyres (new to Uni and no b*ke background for transferable skills), so what do you recommend I get? There looks to be quite a bit of clearance from the frame, but what would be the maximum size I could reasonably go for with that frame/rim combination? Should I also replace the inner-tube for something smaller/lighter?

I’ve already added a bolting clamp and replaced the stock pedals - any other changes/upgrades I could do, or would it be simply not worth it? The other obvious one is the saddle, but I don’t have any problems with it, tbh.

Sorry, long-winded way of asking for a tyre rec! Wait until I ask you to solve my 24/26/29 dilemma!

i think that because your rim is 1.95" the biggest you can change to is 1.95. you can get an offroad style tyre at a bike shop in that size. but wait for other people’s inputs–mine arent worth much

I was barely able to fit a CST Cyclops 2.4 on my club so if you want something with knobs and mud clearance I’d guess the biggest you want to go is around a 2.2. I wouldn’t bother changing out the tube. In fact I’d refrain from changing anything else - save your money for your next uni.

^^^ that would be a great choice for a tire if you are just going to be rolling around town.

The tire makes a giant difference on the feel of the unicycle i think. I use the maxxis hookworm right now but i dont if it will fit your frame. Also if you are looking for another brand of tires you can look into Geax, they make some great tires and are very light weight but cost a few bucks haha

Thanks, this is exactly the sort of info I was looking for - I can’t understand why I didn’t find your thread when I searched the forum, it’s exactly what I was looking for! Oh well.

So, I think I’ll try and find a likely looking tyre < 2.4 to put me on for a bit while I improve my skills and ponder what uni to get next.

Just to follow up on what I ended up with.

Here’s the original 24x1.95" tyre in place (looking a little worn).

Following advice from this thread, I went for this tyre, a DMR Moto Digger - 24" x 2.10.

Here it is in place - would have been tight if I’d gone for the 2.35, I reckon.

I’m pleased with it - it seems ginormous and springy compared to the original tyre, and seems OK on the mud and grass. I’d read elsewhere on the forum that it’s a bit squirrelly on the road, and I have to say that that’s the perfect description for it on the local cycle path!

Thanks folks.