24" Club Freestyle, excellent entry-level uni

I’m selling my black 24" Club Freestyle. I really want to get rid of this thing. Some specs:

Saddle - Club Saddle
S.P. Diameter - 25.4 x 300mm Black
S.P. Clamp Style - 25.4 Nimbus QR (Black)
Frame Style - Nimbus II
Frame Construction - Steel
Frame Finish - Black
Bearing Housing - Main Cap
Bearing Size - 17 x 40 x 12
Rim Size - 24 inches
Rim Construction - Black 36 hole Aluminum, black
Rim Type - Single Walled
Tire Size - 24 x 1.95 Whitewall
Tube Size - 24 x 1.95
Tire PSI - 40-65
Hub Type - Square Tapered
Hub Construction - Steel
Spoke Count - 36
Crank Arm Length - 127 mm
Crank Arm Type - Square Tapered
Crank Arm Construction - Steel
Pedal Type - Platform
Pedal Construction - Plastic

Slight wear on the pedals and seat bumpers from my efforts to learn. The frame is still perfect, no wear. Beautiful whitewall tires. I got this for about $130+ 20 shipping. I don’t want to take a big loss, and it’s in full working order anyway, so I want at least $90-100 for it.
Nice square top frame for freestyling, saddle is very comfortable, preferable to Torker beginner saddles from what I’ve heard.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/41492000@N05/3826541293/ some pics here.

Somebody please take this uni off my hands and breathe new life into it. Maybe you know someone who wants to learn, or you need a cheaper uni to take around town so your fancy uni doesn’t get stolen.

Thank you very much!

On a seperate note, I am willing to trade. If any of you guys have some freeline skates you want to trade, I will accept that as payment.

Hard to believe this got 90 views and no one was interested. Doesn’t anyone need a starter uni? It’s cheap, and I know quite a few of you who would rather not ride in their sweet unis around town.

dont worry someone will want it, but it may just take a bit of waiting.
Congrats though, it the most descriptive ad ive seen on here!

Surprised, actually. This uni’s in a bunch better shape than some of the others here. Hope I didn’t scare anyone off by saying I just wanted to “get rid” of this uni. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. It’s just I never got the hang of it is all. Still no takers…

Bump. Still no takers?

hey man i know u don’t want to hear this but i think ur asking a bit to much here. also it helps to know ur rough location so the buyer knows if they have to have it shipped or can pick it up

i might be into it in about later on but right now i’m not