24" Bedford/Profile MUni for sale

I’m reposting this now that general stuff quesitoning my character has been sorted out (just want to have this on a clean slate… if you don’t know what I’m reaferring to, dig up the earlier thread with the same name as this one.)

Sadly to say, I am selling my MUni. I haven’t been able to justify the investment considering how little I’ve used it and my road bike has been calling too strongly over the past year.

So, here is what is on the table:

  • Bedford frame, chrome (no powder coat)
  • 24" Alex DX32 rim (completely true, no flat spots)
  • Profile hub and 145mm cranks
  • Miyata seat, no cracks in the handle
  • Roach seat cover w/ air pillow (both from Unicycle.com)
  • Sun Ringle pedals (have all pegs, removable w/ a phillips screwdriver – bearings are great)
  • Stout 24" tire
  • Intense DH tube
  • 3-bolt seat clamp
  • comes with a 3" Fireball tire as well

I paid around $1200 CAD for all of this, I’m asking $750 CAD obo. I’m not out to rip anyone off but I think I’m justified in asking this price as it’s a high-quality MUni in excellent condition with some decent extras.

If you want to see some pictures of it when I first bought it (it now has the Roach seat cover on it), look here:
http://gallery.unicyclist.com/eli (there is some other stuff mixed in with the MUni pics, but I’m sure you can pick out the right ones).

I bought this MUni from Darren (Bedford, for those of you who don’t know him) last February, rode it in the Toque Games at the Toronto Bike Show, rode it for another couple months and then retired it to my basement. I left it at home when I came back to Hamilton for school, and it hung there for the entirety of this year.

It’s clean, has a few chips off the chrome on the cranks, virtually no marks on the rim or frame. I’ll be able to grab a digital camera and take some pictures to email to anyone who’s interested. Just PM me or email me, chiassew@mcmaster.ca

I’ll be shipping it from Nova Scotia. I just looked into shipping a bike across the country (from Vancouver) and it looked like CanadaPost would charge about $30, so shipping shouldn’t be too bad–I’m not sure about the US, but again, I can’t see it being terrible.


Alright, let’s reassess that price: would anyone take it off my hands for $550 OBO?


Wake up, someone!

Michaeli is offering an extremely good deal here! This is $550 Canadian, which is going to cost you less than $550 American. This looks like a very capable and practical rig to me. If you’ve been waiting for a good thing, here it is!

exchange rate

At the current exchange rate, this would translate into about 410 US Dollars. Are you tempted now?

wow! 5-freaking-50. if i wasn’t already set up i would nab that one. be patient, it will go. come down to CUMON in quebec city and i’m sure you’ll sell it there.


I LOVE to buy expensive stuff at a great discount (it is my shopping MO and a great joy in my life,) but I hesitate for a few reasons: I’m in NY so who knows how much the shipping would be, how do you do the dollar conversion, and I’m just starting to learn how to ride so don’t know if muni will even be my chosen favorite way to ride.

Oh, and try to sell me: why would I buy a used (even for that price,) when I could get a new KH20?

you would rather buy this one because its stronger. and a better deal for the price. and more reliable. and it will be hard to find this good of a deal anywhere else. and because it has better components. and because a uni like that would cost almost twice as much anywhere else. haha. THAT, my friends, is why you buy THIS one

Wow, thanks for promoting my MUni… free testimonies, sweet! :slight_smile:

Also, as it’s come up, I just looked and shipping to Illinois is $50 CAD. You can use that as a reference point.


I don’t know what a DX32 rim is is.

ive noticed that you never use the “search” function. try it somtime instead of adding clutter.

someone buy this dudes uni!

Originally posted by jagur
[B]ive noticed that you never use the “search” function. try it somtime instead of adding clutter.QUOTE]

I did and I got a lot of entries with just the word rim, or a lot that said things like “I have a DX32” or “You should get a DX32.”

Not much help.

DX 32

PopeSamXVI: The DX 32 is perhaps the most popular MUni rim available. It is popular because it is wide enough to handle the 3" tires, and because it is light, strong and relatively inexpensive. It is also popular in the 19" trials size.

Digigal: If you want the latest conversion rate just type “currency conversion rates” or something similar into your search engine, there are thousands of sites that will give you the conversion rate for free. But roughly, 75 cents American is worth $1 Canadian at the moment.

For currency conversion, this is my favoured site:

Also most major banks should have a page of their current conversion rates:

Royal Bank of Canada: http://www.rbcroyalbank.com/rates/cashrates.html
TD Canada Trust: http://www.tdcommercialbanking.com/tradefinance/rates.jsp

…and so on.


You and me both :). I just picked up over $700 of cycling gear for a bit under three hundred bucks. That was part of my reason for giving the price a good drop, that and there hadn’t been any response at $750. I figure, the MUni is doing no good hanging in my basement and someone out there is going to get great joy from a) riding the thing and b) not having to shell out as much cash as they had perhaps expected.


Ok, so are you in Ontario right now or on the cost. Hypothetically speaking I could pick the Muni up from you if you are in Ontario. In fact, if digigal wants me to bring it down to the states when I go at the end of this month, I might juts take a few US bucks for the handling. Two thougts at once.

ok so to recap my spelling. That’s Coast, and just and thoughts

We didn’t come to an actual agreement, but thanks for the sweet offer, Beener.

Re: 24" Bedford/Profile MUni for sale

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>ok so to recap my spelling. That’s Coast, and just and thoughts

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you posted from the forum, you can edit your own post to correct. That
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be sure to remove the saddle and simply sit on the seat post. this is far more comfortable - tennisgh22 on the comfort of Savage unis

Unfortunately I’m in Nova Scotia right now and will be until the end of the summer.